Groomsmen Apparel 101

Groomsmen at a wedding toasting with drinks.

Choosing a wedding day outfit for the groom is usually a fun decision to make, but that may leave him wondering what his groomsmen should wear. There can be an abundance of questions associated with groomsmen apparel and accessories and even some confusion. Thankfully, we have the rundown here on what groomsmen should wear for the big day.

Think About Formality

Groomsmen wearing dark blue suits.

The first thing to think about for your groomsmen is the formality of your event. If you’re having a black tie wedding, you’ll definitely want your groomsmen to wear tuxes. If you’re having a casual wedding on the beach, you may want to opt for something more relaxed, like a linen suit. If your wedding falls somewhere in between, then you can easily choose a run-of-the-mill suit with your choice of accessories.

Should Groomsmen Wear the Same Thing as the Groom?

This is a frequent question that comes up and there’s no right or wrong answer. It really depends on the preference of the bride and groom. While the groomsmen certainly can match the groom exactly from their suit down to their socks, they can also differ slightly. It really comes down to whether or not the groom wants to stand apart from his men, which is a completely personal preference. Many couples opt to have the groomsmen in a slightly different variation of what the groom is wearing with maybe one detail different, such as tie color or having them wear the same suit in a different color than the groom.

What About Coordinating with Bridesmaids?

A bride and groom standing with their bridal party.

When choosing what groomsmen will wear, you want to keep in mind how everyone will look standing up at the altar together in one line. While everyone doesn’t need to be completely coordinated, you will definitely want the group to look cohesive. At the minimum, the formality of both sides should match. For instance, you don’t want to have groomsmen dressed in casual khakis sans ties while the bridesmaids are in formal gowns.

Does Everyone Have to Wear the Exact Same Suit?

This is another aspect of groomsmen apparel that doesn’t have a right or wrong answer. While most couples opt for their groomsmen to be coordinated in the same suit, they definitely don’t have to all wear the same thing. For instance, if all of your groomsmen already own black suits that are similar, they can wear those instead of renting separate suits. If you do want your groomsmen to wear the same suits, however, you should give several options and allow them to all choose what they like best together. Offer options at different price points so that you can be inclusive of all budgets.

What About Accessories?

Groomsmen wearing neon-colored socks.

You may not think there are tons of accessories for groomsmen to wear on the big day, but there are actually quite a few! From pocket square to cufflinks to socks, you’ll want to set the expectation of whether everyone’s going to be matching or if they have freedom to pick what they’re outfitting themselves in as far as accessories. Accessories are a spot to add some variation in the look of groomsmen, as you could have each of them wear slightly different ties or pocket squares to create a more dynamic look. It could also be a good idea to give groomsmen an accessory to wear on the big day as a gift, such as a cool watch or custom pair of cufflinks that they’ll forever treasure as a memento from your wedding.

Outfitting your groomsmen should be a fun experience and—above all—you want everyone to look and feel comfortable on your big day! There are a lot of choices to be made in this department, but once you choose their look they’ll surely be feeling suave and ready to walk down the aisle to celebrate your union.

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