How to Bug-Proof Your Summer Wedding

An outdoor wedding reception with a long table surrounded by chairs and lights overhead.

Summer weddings are just around the corner, and that’s something to celebrate. Soon, we’ll be able to enjoy the warm weather, long stretches of sunlight, and beautiful greenery all around. But like most good things in this life, there is a trade-off for the perks of summer: summer weddings (especially outdoor ones) mean bugs, and lots of them. Luckily, there are a few ways to prevent your guests and yourself from being eaten alive at your wedding. If you want to keep the bugs at bay, here are a few ideas you can try.

Timing Is Everything

In the summer, bugs seem to be everywhere all day long. However, those little pests do have a kind of “schedule.” This schedule depends on the species and the region where you live, but generally bugs like mosquitoes tend to be more active at dusk.

With this in mind, avoiding bugs at your wedding is a bit like avoiding your ex at a bar—plan around where you know they’ll be! If possible, schedule your wedding ceremony for a less “buggy” time of day. This will keep your guests from slapping mosquitoes off their knees while you say your vows.

Pick Anti-Bug Flowers

A bride holding a bouquet of wildflowers.

Everyone knows that bugs love themselves a nice flower. Ladybugs, honey bees, butterflies, and more are drawn to the bright colors and tempting scents of many of your favorite flowers. However, not all bugs think alike, and the blossoms that some species love are totally gross to another breed.

Mosquitoes HATE marigolds. Ants can’t stand chrysanthemums. Gnats wouldn’t touch lavender with a 10-foot pole! If you want to avoid certain bugs on your wedding day, consider using these bug-repelling plants in your bouquets and centerpieces. It’s a surefire way to make sure those insects “respectfully decline” your invitation.

Invest in Fans

A table of desserts at wedding reception.

While your flowers may help keep the bugs away, other elements of your wedding—like the food—might tempt them to visit, anyway. This is particularly true if you’re having an outdoor reception; the food on your guests’ tables might be too much for ants, wasps, and flies to resist.

How can you keep these pests off your catered meals? Rent a few fans and place them around your reception space. The extra air will literally blow the bugs away! And, as an added bonus, the fans will help keep your guests nice and cool in the summer heat. Everyone wins!

Try the Dryer Sheet Trick

There are loads of “life hacks” out there that help keep bugs away. You can clear away puddles, light citronella candles, drape the space in mosquito netting, and much more. But is it possible to drive away bugs AND keep your space looking exactly the same? Yes—all you need is a dryer sheet.

Look for dryer sheets that contain linalool (an organic compound found in flowers like lavender) and use tape to secure them around your wedding venue. You can hide them under chairs, tuck them into planters, or even carry them around in your pockets! The linalool scent will repel the bugs and give you a bite-free wedding!

Share the Bug Spray

Sometimes, no matter what you do to keep them away, the bugs just don’t get the message. This is why it’s always smart to have some bug spray on hand!

Consider bringing a few bottles of bug repellent to your wedding and setting up “emergency stations” around the reception space. This will allow you, your wedding party, and your guests to help themselves to a little bug spray if they need it.

Pesky bugs like mosquitoes and flies can really ruin your special day. So, be prepared and do your best to keep these annoying bugs away! With these tips, you should be able to enjoy your wedding without a fly in sight—and you won’t spend your honeymoon fighting the urge to scratch a million mosquito bites.

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