How to DIY the Ultimate Charcuterie Board for Your Wedding

A charcuterie board at a wedding reception.

Charcuterie boards are always a crowd-pleaser at any gathering, so why not create one for your wedding that your guests will love? Not only are they delicious, but charcuterie boards are pleasing to the eye and can really make a statement at your cocktail hour or reception. The best part is that these are easy to DIY and they’re fun to get creative with!

What Is a Charcuterie Board?

A close-up of a charcuterie board at a wedding.

Let’s start with the basics of what makes up these delicious smorgasbords.


A key ingredient to make any charcuterie board a success is meat. Cured meats such as salami and prosciutto are a good place to start.


Cheese is notably the star of charcuterie boards and this is where you have the chance to offer tons of variety. Include both soft and hard cheeses with varying sharpness such as brie, blue cheese, cheddar, and provolone. There are so many unique and flavorful cheeses out there, so take the time to really explore and add what your guests will love.


You have to have some grains on any charcuterie board. Bread, crostini, or crackers are the way to go. Choose a variety of different sizes, shapes, and flavors of breads and crackers to give guests lots of choices here.


Contrast the savory flavors of the cheese with the sweetness of fruit on your charcuterie board. Fresh and dried fruit provide great options. Grapes, blackberries or raspberries, dried cranberries, and dried apricots all are perfect additions.


Another way to add variety is to include nuts like pistachios, cashews, walnuts, or almonds to your board.


A selection of gourmet olives is another addition to a charcuterie board that will be appreciated by many. They’re an easy way to add more variety to the board.

Hummus, Dip, and Veggies

In addition to fruit, you can also include some vegetables such as carrot sticks, radishes, or peppers. Alongside those, offer some dips or hummus for added flavor and texture.

Setting Up Your Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board at a wedding.

The presentation of your charcuterie board is what really makes it a statement piece at your wedding. Follow the below tips to set it up perfectly and prepare for people to be impressed when they see it.

Use Multiple Presentation Pieces

You’ll want to add depth to your charcuterie board by using multiple presentation pieces to hold the actual food. First, figure out what table will hold your charcuterie arrangement. You can start by using brown craft paper on the table to directly place your food items on there as the bottom layer. Then, use a variety of smaller wooden boards to elevate some of the presentation. You can even use tiered servers to give your board even more pizzazz.

Avoid Making it One-Dimensional

You don’t want your board to end up looking flat, so make sure to pile items on top of each other to provide that layered look that is so Pinterest-worthy. This is where those tiered servers mentioned above will come into play. Mounds of crackers, fruit, and nuts will look appealing to guests and give the board a robust look.

Use Dishes Appropriately

For certain items such as fruit, olives, or hummus, use ramekins or other small dishes on the board to avoid a mess as guests serve themselves.

Add Labels

You’ll want to label items on your board, particularly the different types of cheese. Use stakes with little chalkboard signs on them or any other type of sign that fits your wedding aesthetic to put a name to what isn’t obvious.

Garnish the Board

To fill any empty space and further boost the aesthetic of the board, garnish it with herbs or flowers. Fresh rosemary sprigs make a great decoration piece that will fill space nicely, as well as simple white daisies, or coordinating flowers from your floral arrangements.

Creating the charcuterie board of your wedding dreams is a fun DIY project, and it’s bound to be something your guests love seeing and indulging in at your celebration.

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