How to Embrace Having a Small Wedding

A small outdoor wedding ceremony decorated with floral garlands.

Many couples are opting to change their wedding from a large affair with a sizable guest list to something smaller and more intimate due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Even before 2020, many couples were choosing to host a micro wedding for many other reasons. While there are certainly a range of upsides to having a small wedding, it can be difficult for some couples to come to terms with the fact that their wedding vision is drastically changing from the original plan. Luckily, there are many ways to get excited about and embrace the idea of switching to a small wedding.

Focus on the Benefits

As mentioned, there are so many benefits associated with having a smaller wedding. For starters, these weddings are usually less costly than a larger affair. Additionally, this allows you a wider range of venues to pick from, as you can even (most likely) choose more unique venues than you could if you were having a larger wedding. Having to accommodate less guests allows you the luxury of choosing a more niche space or even a totally different destination (bearing in mind you won’t impose travelling on many individuals).

Make Your Event into a Weekend

A group of friends having a party outside at a winery.

Having a small wedding in a fun location can allow you the luxury of turning your event into a weekend celebration for you and your loved ones. Enjoy a cocktail hour with guests the night they arrive, celebrate your wedding together, and have a brunch the following day to say goodbye. You can also sprinkle in additional activities for your guests to enjoy with you in between the more formal affairs. This is much more manageable with a smaller guest list and will be a weekend to remember for all!

Find Ways to Incorporate More People

Having a small wedding means that your closest friends and family will be there to witness this milestone alongside you and your new spouse. One way to get excited about having a small guest list is to find ways to include those who will be there in your big day by giving them different roles. You can have a loved one do a reading or ask someone special to say a prayer before dinner, or give an additional toast. This will be memorable and meaningful for you and will be touching for those you are making the effort to include. Another way to include more people in your celebration is to find a way to stream your ceremony so that more loved ones than you have invited can share in this important moment from a distance.

Pick Special Elements and Details

A plate of food at a wedding reception.

Having a smaller wedding can allow you more flexibility to really zero in on special elements and details for your big day, which is something to get excited about! Whether you want to go all out with invitations or a dinner table lush and overflowing with florals, these items are much more feasible, budget-wise and logistically, when you’re having a smaller wedding. You can also have a more gourmet dining experience with fewer guests, serving multiple courses and allowing guests to custom order what they want to eat at your celebration.

Plan a Larger Celebration

If you really had your heart set on celebrating this monumental occasion with a larger crowd, there are ways to have your cake and eat it, too! You can have your small wedding to actually exchange your vows and then plan to coordinate a larger celebration with more guests once COVID-19 is less of a factor. Having a fun celebration takes the pressure off as it’s more of a party and less of an actual wedding. Plus, it gives you something exciting to look forward to in the months to come!

Spend More on a Honeymoon

A man and woman kissing in front of a tropical waterfall.

Since smaller weddings are typically less costly than larger-scale events, it may mean you have more budget to work with for your honeymoon. This is a huge perk and definitely allows you more freedom in planning the trip of your dreams. Whether you choose a different location than originally planned, extend your trip, upgrade your flight and hotel, or add a bunch of amazing excursions and add-ons to your originally planned trip, this will surely be a journey you’ll never forget. Plus, this gives you something amazing to look forward to after your small wedding, which is an added plus.

There are clearly so many reasons to get excited about having a small wedding, even if it’s not what you originally had planned.

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