How to Fight the Stress of Wedding Planning

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Planning a wedding is equal parts stressful and exciting. You’re anticipating the most important milestone of your life to date, and at the same time you’re bombarded with so many options and decisions to make. On top of your daily work and activities, this time can be nerve-racking with vendors, guests, payments, and deadlines to keep track of. But as many couples who’ve been there and done that know, wedding planning can still be a beautiful and memorable experience. Here are five tips on how to fight the stress of wedding planning and instead focus on the memories you’re making.

Keep Yourself Organized

When planning a wedding, two things can be your best friend: checklists and a calendar. There is a ton of organizational information about wedding planning available online nowadays, which is a great help for couples. Search and download a free wedding planning checklist—but don’t let this overwhelm you. Set aside a time to go over them and choose which ones apply to your own wedding vision. Then, take out your calendar and start plotting available weekends or free time to work on the tasks. Checking off something from a long to-do list can be rewarding!

Take a Time Out

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It’s perfectly OK to take a step back and focus on other things when wedding planning starts to get overwhelming. Do activities that will help you unwind, like hitting the gym or meditating. Go on a girls’ trip one weekend with no wedding talk. Take a hike and be one with nature. Find a new hobby or just stay home and read a good book. Anything that will take you a step away from the stress is an excellent self-care moment that you need.

Enlist Help

It’s very easy to get so lost in all the things you need to do for your wedding that you forget there are people around you who would love to help you out. Your fiancé, families, friends, and wedding party members may ask what they can do to contribute to your big day, so let them help! It may be a little tricky where parents are involved, but assigning them specific areas they can take care of (like the rehearsal dinner or transportation for out of town family members) will make them feel that they are a part of your special day and get things checked off your to-do list, too.

If you’re too busy, hire a wedding planner. This way, you can share your vision with someone who knows who to book and how to negotiate contracts, and someone who will understand what you need and what you want.

Go on a Date

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With all the errands that you need to run—from venue walkthroughs to dress shopping and food tasting—you may think that you’re spending a lot of time with your significant other, but at the same time, missing him or her! Take time to date each other, minus the wedding appointments. Squeeze in a movie night or grab a bite like you did before you got engaged and started planning your wedding. Do something that reminds you both that this crazy time is still all about the two of you.

Let Go and Enjoy Your Day

When the big day comes, know that not everything will go entirely as planned in your mind. There are many things beyond your control, like the weather, or guests running late, or your flower girl or ring bearer refusing to walk down the aisle. Don’t let it ruin your day. Let go and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. If you can set aside a budget for a wedding coordinator, hire one for your peace of mind. They will make sure that everything runs smoothly on the back end and solve minor troubles without you even noticing, so you can enjoy your celebration.

Your wedding day will pass by so fast, so make sure to stop and savor each moment. Hopefully, these tips can help you embrace the journey of going from a bride-to-be to a married woman!

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