How to Help Your Wedding Guests Save Money on Travel

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Whether you’re hosting a destination wedding or a wedding close to home, there will probably be a number of guests arriving from out-of-town. While your wedding guests certainly look forward to spending your special day with you, they probably don’t want to break the bank doing it. From travel accommodations to flights to restaurants, the bills certainly rack up for guests, and that’s not including paying for your wedding gifts and any other additional costs that might factor into celebrating your wedding. If you want your guests to RSVP, it would be beneficial to you both that you help them save money on travel. Here’s how to do it.

Get Married During the Off-Season

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Your wedding date is important, and while you might dream of getting married during the late summer or early fall (as most people do), if the majority of your guests are from out-of-town, you might want to consider getting hitched during the off-season, like winter or early spring. That way, your guests are sure to save some money on hotels and flights. That is, only if you’re not getting married during the busy holiday season or spring break when rates go back up. If you can’t switch up the season, then maybe consider getting married during the week instead of the weekend when hotel rooms can be cheaper.

Reserve a Block of Rooms at a Hotel

Want to help your guests save money on hotel rooms? Then reserve a block of ’em at a hotel that is central to your ceremony and reception—and also one that is both affordable and highly recommended. Give the hotel a head’s up about your plans, and more than likely they will offer a discount code for your guests. If you need help with finding the perfect hotel with the best rate, you can use Hotel Planner, where you can search for Group Hotel Rates.

Create a Campsite for Guests

If you’re hosting a rustic outdoors wedding, you might want to consider having your guests camp out either close by or at the venue itself. Depending on the venue, you will have to inquire whether or not camping is permitted and whether there are any additional costs involved. If the venue doesn’t host guests, or if it’s too pricey, call around at nearby camping sites for additional options.

Set up a Group Code for Flights

Most airline carriers will provide a group code for you if there are 10 or more passengers traveling to the same destination. Before doing so, ask your guests which airline they prefer and/or which ones fly from their local airport.

Don’t Forget About Airbnb’s

If the hotel option is too pricey for the majority of your guests or you have a group of people who don’t mind rooming together (for example, your college sorority sisters) then renting out an Airbnb is a great and affordable option. Search for a variety of options that are central to your wedding ceremony and reception, and link to them on your wedding website. That way, those friends and family who wouldn’t mind sharing a condo or house with one another will be reminded of the option.

Remind Your Guests When to Book Their Flights

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Typically, the best time to book a flight for the cheapest option is on a Tuesday or Thursday for U.S. residents. These are the days when most airline carriers have the lowest rates before they increase them again. When it comes to how far in advance your guests should book their flights, you should advise them to buy between three months and 30 days before departure if your wedding is hosted in the U.S. If you’re getting hitched internationally, your guests should buy between six and two months ahead of the date. As for the cheapest days to arrive, Friday and Sunday tend to be the most expensive wherever you’re traveling. Opt for a Tuesday or Thursday if you can.

Yes, weddings are expensive even for your guests. But you can definitely make their experience much more enjoyable and affordable by sharing the above tips with them.

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