How to Host a Virtual Bridal Shower

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Brides likely don’t envision their wedding showers held virtually, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s currently not advised to have large gatherings in-person. With that being said, virtual showers via video chat are a good alternative, allowing loved ones to “shower” a bride during her special time. Planning a virtual bridal shower is easier than you may think, and as long as you follow the below steps you’re sure to provide the bride with an experience she’ll never forget.

Step One: Plan the Logistics

The first step in planning a virtual shower is to decide on a date and time that works for the bride-to-be and the majority of the guests. Let everyone know approximately how long the shower will last so that they can plan accordingly.

Also decide which technological platform you’re going to use. Zoom is a popular way to video chat with groups, so consider using that as a convenient way to get everyone “together” from a distance. Google Hangouts is another option to consider.

Step Two: Invite Guests

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Send out an Evite or email that provides guests with all the details of the shower. Include the time, date, and a link to the bride’s gift registry. Also note whether or not the shower is a surprise. Finally, include details on the platform you’re using to video chat so that everyone can download any applicable software or programs ahead of time.

Step Three: Drill Down on the Details

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There are quite a few details to hammer out, even when it comes to a virtual shower. First, decide whether there will be any theme associated with the event. For instance, you can go with a brunch theme where all attendees make and dine on their favorite brunch item and mimosas during the shower.

Another item to decide upon is whether or not you’ll play any games. There are an abundance of shower games that can be played from a distance. For example, collect information about the future newlyweds ahead of time so that you can play a newlywed trivia game at the shower. Ask questions and have the group all show their answers. Then, have the bride reveal hers and see how many guests were correct.

If you’re looking to do an activity during the shower, consider a flower arranging course. Look up some tutorials on Pinterest ahead of time and have everyone ensure they have flowers on hand for the occasion. This is a fun way to support small businesses in everyone’s community, and everyone will end up with a beautiful flower arrangement at the end!

You’ll also want to think about surprising the bride with some tangible items leading up to the shower to make it even more special (and less virtual). You could send her a basket of items for the shower, have brunch delivered to her house, or send her a flower arrangement or flower crown to wear during the video call.

Finally, decide what you’re going to do about gift openings for the shower. The easiest thing to do is to have guests send gifts directly from the registry to the home of the bride in advance of the shower. Then, during the event, she can un-box them in front of everyone.

Step Four: Decorate

Ask all of your guests to decorate their space for the video chat to make the shower more festive. They could put up loving signs to the bride-to-be or even use a fun virtual background for the occasion.

Step Five: Shower the Bride-to-Be!

Once the day arrives, enjoy the shower that you planned for a special bride. Spend the time toasting to the upcoming wedding, sharing memories of the bride and of the couple, and enjoying one another’s company. Have some discussion prompts prepared in case there are any awkward silences. For instance, pose the question of what their favorite memory is of the bride-to-be or their biggest hope for the couple in the future. This will keep the conversation flowing and the laughter coming.

A virtual bridal shower may be different than what the bride had imagined for herself, but nonetheless it’s a special way to commemorate an unforgettable time in any woman’s life.

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