How to Keep Your Wedding Flowers Fresh All Day

A colorful wedding bouquet

Floral arrangements and wedding bouquets are an absolutely key aspect of many weddings, but how can you make sure that your event has flowers that look stunning all day? Especially with the rise in outdoor weddings, it can be tricky to know what to do to keep your blooms fresh! Here are some ideas that will help you have beautiful flowers all day long.

Late Delivery

This may seem like a silly one, but have your wedding flowers delivered as late as feasibly possible from your florist on your big day. Obviously make sure to give yourself, and anyone helping you prepare, enough cushion to be able to get everything set up, but wait as long as you can to have the flowers arrive. It is your florist’s job to make sure your blooms last and look lovely, so having that person hold onto them as long as possible will help ensure they stay stunning for a long time.

Flowers in a rustic vase in a dark room

Keep Flowers in the Right Environment

Once you’ve received the flowers and they are your responsibility, try to keep them in the best environment possible until they are needed. This is most important if you’re having an outdoor wedding, as the hot sun or extreme wind can do a lot of damage in a short period of time. For most flowers, a cool, dark environment works best, and can really help keep everything looking fresh and vibrant for as long as possible. If you can, have a bridesmaid, your planner, or someone else who’s helping to coordinate everything be on “flower duty” and grab the flowers from their cool, dark storage place as close to the wedding ceremony and reception as possible.

Flower Food

Of course you’ll want to keep your flowers in water for as long as you can, but it’s also a great idea to make sure you have some flower food available for their vases as well. You know those little packets that come with bouquets? They are there to put in the water and help extend the life of your flowers. You can certainly ask your florist about providing or purchasing some for you, but it is also relatively easy to find online if you’re doing your own flowers or would just prefer to handle that aspect yourself. There are also recipes available online to make your own, if that is your preference, although it’s a good idea to make a batch and test it out on some flowers at home before your big day, just to make sure it works well. Your wedding day is probably not the time for untested experiments, after all!

The empty interior of a refridgerator

The Refrigerator

If you’re making or receiving your flowers the day before and you have a small fridge available, it’s a good idea to put your flowers in there overnight. The cool, dark environment of a refrigerator is great for keeping your bouquets fresh, and you’ll have them all in one easy-to-access space when you need them. Just be sure the fridge has not recently been cleaned with harsh chemicals and that it isn’t filled with food so that no scents or chemicals accidentally get on or into the flowers and harm them. Some venues have small dormitory-sized refrigerators available just for the purpose of holding the bouquets for the bride and her wedding party, and if not, may be willing to allow you to bring one on site for this purpose—be sure to ask your venue if this is an option for you and your group.

Fresh Water

If you do end up needing to hold onto your flowers for more than one day before your wedding, a simple but effective trick can be to put them in fresh water each day. Replacing the water in your vases can help your blooms by giving them access to new, clean water daily. Extra bonus points if you add the flower food mentioned earlier to each clean vase. Although it’s preferable to not need to keep your flowers more than a day before your wedding, this is not always possible, and having new water for them can really help sustain their lifespan and freshness longer than keeping them in the same water for a couple of days.

Keeping your wedding flowers fresh can seem like a big, stressful task, but being prepared with a proper environment for them to stay in, plus having a few tricks up your sleeve, can really help make the process much easier and more successful. And if you have any questions about this, remember that you can always ask your wedding florist if they have any tips or suggestions for the specific type of flowers you’ve chosen—they are there as a resource for you, and they’re an expert on this subject. If you have any concerns about how to care for your specific blooms, don’t be afraid to ask!

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