How to Livestream Your Wedding

A couple who just got married and has someone live streaming their celebration.

When envisioning your wedding day, chances are you have some loved ones by your side. In today’s current COIVD-19 pandemic and quarantine orders, many are getting married with few guests present. While not ideal, you can still share the special moment with family and friends by live streaming your vows. Thanks to the world of technology, there are a few simple ways to do this.

(However, keep in mind that a live stream of your wedding should not be used as a way to share the moment with anyone who wasn’t originally invited to the actual event. That would be poor etiquette!)

Here’s how to handle the logistics of live streaming your wedding ceremony and/or celebration.

Make Preparations with the Wedding Venue

You’ll need to ensure that your ceremony and/or reception venues are well equipped to handle this technological aspect of your wedding. For instance, test the WiFi at all locations or prepare to have a wired connection for the live stream, which presents a stronger and more reliable signal. Check with your venues as to how that wired connection can be achieved to make sure you know where the outlets are and that you have the right materials.

Also, check with venues as to whether or not there are any added fees for live streaming if they offer the service itself. Some may charge an additional fee to do so for your event.

Inform Vendors About Your Filming Plans

If you have a wedding planner or coordinator, obviously fill them in on the plans to live stream your wedding so they can assist in the process. Also, discuss this with your photographer and videographer. They may offer services to do this for you at an added fee, which would be convenient and simple.

You’ll also want to discuss the live stream with any other vendors that will be caught on tape. For instance, ensure your ceremony musician and officiant don’t mind being filmed.

Decide on the Live Stream Method

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There are a couple methods and platforms you can use for live streaming your wedding.

Method One: Use a Professional Service

If your photographer or videographer doesn’t offer the option to coordinate and execute the live stream, you may want to consider hiring a separate professional to take care of it. There are several companies that will handle the coordination for you, making it a simple and seamless process.

My Streaming Wedding is a national service that takes care of the live stream from start to finish, sending a professional videographer with all the right tools, experience, and equipment to live stream your day. They offer extensive coverage starting at $2,500.

Another platform offering similar services is I Do Stream, which is a more budget-friendly option, with packages starting at $199. Hiring a professional can be pricey, but it definitely is the most convenient route.

Method Two: DIY Your Live Stream

If you’re looking to save money within your wedding budget, you can definitely go the DIY route for your live stream. In this case, enlist in the help of a tech-savvy wedding guest to be responsible for this part of the day. Go through all the steps of this process with them beforehand, including what type of equipment they’ll use, where to plug things in, and who the venue point person is, in case of any issues.

This individual can stream the event on social media, either by using the “close friends” feature on Instagram with assigned viewers, or the regular “live” versions of Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. The only issue these methods present is that it may draw a larger audience than you intend, and could come off as tacky. Another way to live stream your event is to use a site like DaCast or, which allows the feed to be a bit more private.

However you decide to stream your wedding, it will surely be a treasured memory for those watching from home.

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