How to Mask-Proof Your Bridal Makeup

A bride wearing a mask.

Restrictions might be lifting in some areas—which is great for your wedding—but you may still choose to wear a mask, which isn’t great for your bridal makeup. Unfortunately, masks and makeup don’t really get along. Friction + sweat = smudge city. And don’t even think of keeping your lipstick on throughout the night without constantly needing to reapply it! However, there’s good news! With the right tools and tricks, you can create a beautiful look that is mask-friendly without compromising your style. Here’s seven tips to mask-proof your bridal makeup.

1. Buy the right mask

The world we live in right now means buying the right mask, which includes one for your wedding day. While there’s isn’t a specific material that works best with makeup (they’re all pretty bad), it’s super important to feel comfortable at all times throughout your big day. Since you want to ensure your body temperature doesn’t get too high to stave off excessive sweating, then it’s key to go with the mask that feels right for your skin.

2. Select a matte primer

A bride getting her makeup applied.

The biggest note when it comes to mask-proofing your bridal makeup is trying to minimize the sweat as much as possible. Smudging is a huge problem with masks, which is something you definitely want to avoid on your wedding. Matte is always a great option to reduce shine and keep your “glow” in check. Primers are essential for helping lay the baseline for a flawless complexion, and help to control oil and sweat while also providing the perfect base for your foundation. Apply primer on a clean and moisturized face and concentrate it where your makeup is likely to smudge.

3. Go for a matte foundation

Here’s another matte product you’ll need. One of the best ways to control the shine is selecting a matte foundation. Make sure that the foundation is lightweight, water-proof, and non-comedogenic. Lightweight foundation will help your skin breathe, water-proof foundation will help with the sweat, and non-comedogenic foundations reduce the risk of blemishes and the dreaded mask-ne. Pay close attention to where your mask will hit, like your neck, cheeks, and jawline. Consider applying a powder foundation afterwards for even more coverage, and to reduce even more shine.

5. Use a cream and powder blush

A bride getting blush applied by her makeup artist.

In order to have long-lasting blush, you’re going to have double-up on it using both a cream and powder formula. This way it’s less likely that it will wipe off or cake onto your mask. First, use the cream with a blender sponge and follow by setting it with a powder blush. Apply the cream blush on the apple of the cheeks and then use the powder blush right in the sweet spot between the apple and the hollow of your cheeks.

6. Play up the drama with your eyes

A bride getting her eye makeup done.

Your eyes are the star of the show, which is why you want to focus a lot of time on them. Apply a tripple play of primer, cream shadow, and waterproof gel liner in order for the makeup to stay on throughout the night, and then set it in place with a light translucent powder. The primer and powder reduce the shine and help keep your shadow in place. As for mascara? You’ll definitely need to go with waterproof. Curl your eyelashes and then apply a few coats of your favorite.

4. Don’t forget the setting powder

With or without the powder foundation, you still want to use a setting powder. Setting your foundation with a translucent or lightweight loose powder helps keep your foundation in place while also removing moisture. Again, it’s all about mattifying your skin so it reduces as much sweat as possible.

7. Smudge-proof your lipstick

A bride applying lipstick.

Lipstick is a must even with the mask because you’ll still be eating and drinking throughout the night. Apply a little bit of lip balm for moisture, and then apply your best shade and top it off with a little setting powder.

As you can see from the tips above, when it comes to mask-proofing your bridal makeup, it’s all about using matte finishes and powder. By applying all the right products, you’ll be able to reduce shine and maximize your glow in the best possible way!

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