How to Plan a Music Festival-Inspired Wedding

A bohemian-dressed bride and groom sitting in a field with a hot air balloon behind them.

If you’re a fan of Coachella and the boho look, naturally you’re drawn to hosting your own festival-inspired wedding. While you probably don’t have the budget of Coachella, there are a few tips and tricks you can keep in mind for your big day so that your laidback and organic vibes can shine through in big and beautiful ways. Here’s how to create and plan your own casual-yet-cool festival-inspired wedding.

Name Your Vibe

Your theme might be “festival-inspired,” but what does that mean to you? What type of feeling or vibe do you want to convey through your big day? What is it about a festival, like Coachella or Bonaroo, that appeals to you? Is it bohemian mixed with a bit of glam? Or are you more into the rustic and organic feels? Understanding the vibe that feels right to you will help make the rest of your wedding planning run smoothly.

Decide How Long You Want the Event to Be

Are you going for a true festival feel with a long weekend wedding in which you and your guests will camp out for a few days? Or are you simply doing one night? Knowing how long you would like to host your festival wedding will help you prepare for additional costs that will most likely cover other necessities, including tents and generators and, of course, extra food.

Choose the Perfect Venue

A bride spinning in a field of white flowers with a pink smoke bomb behind her.

When it comes to a festival-inspired wedding, it’s all about location—which means you’re looking for a great outdoor space with tons of gorgeous scenery and enough room for it to feel open and free, like a true music festival. You might want to consider camping or glamping areas, or maybe even a local baseball diamond or soccer field so that you’ll have access to electricity, toilets, and kitchen facilities and/or BBQs. Of course, even your own backyard could totally work, too!

Serve Easy, Transportable Food

Whether you’re going for a one-nighter or a multiple day affair, you’ve gotta eat. When you’re spending most of your time outdoors, you want to serve your guests simple, no-fuss fare. If you’re leaning towards a DIY situation, hosting a cookout and preparing a buffet with easy foods is a great idea. If you’re looking to cater, you might consider hiring various food trucks. If you’re holding your wedding at a camping outlet, there won’t be an accessible bar, which means you’ll have to provide the alcohol yourselves or ask your guests to BYOB. Bottled and canned beverages in coolers are another must. And don’t forget to cater to guests’ allergies: if you’re in the middle of nowhere, you don’t want to risk any mishaps.

Consider Activities Guests Can Participate In

A croquet set in a field next to hay bales.

One of the most important and amazing things about music festivals is how they unite people and create a real sense of community. A true festival-inspired wedding will also reflect this feeling, and you can easily achieve this by selecting some fun activities that your guests will enjoy. Examples include anything from horseback rides to live music to dancing to group games and/or sports—anything that lifts your guests’ spirits and helps them to interact with each other in the most positive and engaging way.

Ensure Your Guests Will Have Some Luxuries

Let’s face it: not everyone is a huge fan of being outdoors and surrounded by Mother Nature, which is why it’s not only a good idea to choose a venue that offers some shelter, but also to provide some useful amenities and products for your wedding guests. Consider having baskets of insect repellant, sunscreen, hats, blankets, and disposable ponchos close by, in addition to water/cooling stations.

By taking the time to plan ahead and following the tips mentioned above, your festival-inspired wedding can easily be a place of love and peace, filled with beautiful memories that will last years to come.

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