How to Stay in Touch with Long Distance Bridesmaids

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Having bridesmaids who live at a physical distance from you can be tough. At times, you both may end up feeling like they’re not as much a part of the wedding planning process as either of you’d like. However, there are a few ways to stay in touch with those who are acting as bridesmaids from afar and to help them feel included in the time leading up to your wedding.

Video Chats

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Having regular video chats with a bridesmaid who lives far away is a simple and fun way to stay in touch. These one-on-ones help you to catch-up on not only wedding happenings, but also what’s going on in each other’s lives. Separately, you can plan group video chats with all of your bridesmaids to help people get to know one another and to discuss items about the wedding.

Send Them a Gift

Whether it’s a handwritten letter or a little gift to let them know you’re thinking of them, send your long-distance bridesmaid a little something via snail mail to let her know that she’s in your thoughts. This gesture will surely be noticed, and it could be fun to become pen pals with one of your best gal pals, anyway!

Involve Them in Fun Planning Items

There are definitely certain planning items that you can involve your bridesmaid from at a distance. For instance, chat with her ahead of time about what dresses you like. You can even show her photos of your dress inspiration. Take it a step further by video chatting with your bridesmaid during dress shopping so that she can feel like she’s really in on the action! To counter that, ask your friend to video chat with you when she tries on her bridesmaid dress or is shopping for one so that you can be a part of the experience with her.

Meet in the Middle

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If your long distance bridesmaid doesn’t live too far away, then you can always set up a time to meet somewhere in the middle to have a chance to see each other. You can definitely make this into a fun outing, choosing to go shopping, enjoying a delicious meal, or doing some kind of activity in a central location that works for you both. Since you don’t get to see this person often, your time together will surely be meaningful.

Focus on Shared Interests

If you have a shared interest with your long distance bridesmaid that you’re both passionate about, use this as a solid way to keep in touch. For instance, if you both love to read, start a book club where you read the same novel and then set a time to chat about it. Not only is this something you’ll both enjoy doing, but it’s an additional way for you to bond and enjoy each other’s company from afar.

Share Inspiration Boards

As you plan your wedding, further include your long distance pal by sharing your inspiration behind the items you’re choosing. Create a Pinterest board that you can share or even send her images you like on Instagram or other forms of social media that are helping guide your wedding-related decisions.

Don’t Focus Solely On Your Wedding

Although it’s likely taking up many of your thoughts, ensure that not all of your conversations and time spent with a long distance bestie revolve only around your wedding. Be sure to find out what’s going on with her and ask questions surrounding her life. Wedding talk is fun, but it definitely shouldn’t be the only thing the two of you connect over.

Just because your bridesmaid lives far away doesn’t mean that she’ll be any less present for your special time or in your life in general. There are plenty of ways to keep the relationship strong and to stay connected, even amidst this busy season in your life.

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