How to Style a Bohemian Wedding

A bohemian wedding cake decorated with crystals and sitting on a marble tray.

Every bride has her own sense of style, and a boho-themed wedding is hardly out of the ordinary these days. There are endless ways to incorporate a free-spirited and unconventional look to your wedding that can be chic and stylish at the same time. Embrace this bohemian style of yours and you’ll love how you stayed true to your tastes for your wedding day.

Ceremony and Reception Decor

A boho bride and groom standing on a rug next to a wood structure decorated with flowers.

One way to embrace your boho style for your wedding is to incorporate this vibe into your ceremony and reception decor. There are several different ideas that allow you to do this in a stylish manner.

Boho Teepee

Instead of a traditional flower arch for your ceremony, opt instead for a teepee made of minimalistic wood and adorned with some bright blooms. This is a great way to give off boho vibes that guests will notice the minute they arrive at your event.

Rug or Tapestry

Incorporate a colorful rug or tapestry into the decor of your wedding ceremony to display your bohemian tastes. The tapestry could be hung across the top of a chuppah or you could opt to put a rug on the ground at the altar for you and your fiancé to stand on as you exchange your vows.

Hanging Stars

For your reception, hang paper stars that light up, covered in artful cutouts to let the line shine through. These are boho and fun, especially when the lights go down for dancing.

Flower Crowns

Nothing says bohemian quite like a flower crown made of wild blooms. Wear one of these for quintessential boho bridal style. You can also let your guests embrace their inner boho by setting up a DIY flower crown station for guests to make their own to wear on your big day.

Whimsical Arrangements

Your flower arrangements for the day should be whimsical and loose to support your boho tastes. Nothing should be perfectly arranged. Rather, your bouquet and table arrangements should be overflowing and wild.

Wedding Stationery

Your stationery should also give off boho vibes, and there are many options to make this happen.

Celestial Suite

A stationery suite that incorporates the stars and moon is in support of bohemian style. Deep hues of blue, purple, and maroon will nicely complement an invitation that features the stars and sky. You can even work in the constellations and zodiac signs if you feel so inclined.

Make it Marble

Another pattern that pairs well with a boho-themed wedding is marble. Send invitations that are marbled in mauve, gray, or even a burnt orange color.

Feeling Feathery

A wedding invitation suite that features earthy tones and actual feathers will present guests with something unique and surprising when they open their envelope.

Bridal Look

Your boho bridal look can incorporate fun and interesting elements that you love to wear every day, not just at your wedding!

A boho bride wearing a veil and holding a large bouquet.

Something Sheer

Sheer wedding dresses are a big boho trend. You can mix it up by opting for a dress that’s beaded and fitted on the top and sheer and flowy on the bottom to achieve the look you’re going for.

Fabulous Florals

Incorporate flowers into your bridal look. Oversized blooms, either in white or bold colors, will do wonders to create a boho bridal look. But don’t stop with the bouquet. Have them on your dress, on your jewelry, or even on your shoes.

Accent Jewelry

Incorporate jewelry that accents your look on your big day. For instance, if you’re wearing a dress with a low back, wear a necklace that drapes down your back instead of the front.

Extra Boho Details

There are some miscellaneous details you can incorporate into your celebrations to really drive your boho theme home.

Mismatched Furniture

A grouping of vintage furniture at a bohemain wedding.

Play up the boho vibes at your wedding with mismatched furniture rentals. To achieve this look, pair a velvet sofa in an olive green shade with a floral print couch for guests to lounge on during cocktail hour.

Dream Catching Favors

Give your guests each a dream catcher to take home. Not only is this a great way to add to your boho theme while they’re on display, but it’s also a unique wedding favor.

Boho Photo Booth

Set up a boho photo booth for guests to strike a pose in during your reception. Mount a macrame wall hanging with a tassel garland or use hanging flowers as a backdrop.

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