How to Use Animal Print in Your Wedding

A pair of zebra print shoes sticking out from under a bride's dress.

Animal print is all the rage in fashion, accessories, and even home textiles. From a bold zebra print to a more subdued giraffe pattern, there are an abundance of prints to choose from. You may not have envisioned these as a part of your wedding aesthetic, but they can certainly be used tastefully to put a unique spin on your event. Go wild with these ideas in ways that will really catch the eyes of your guests!

Fur (or Faux Fur) Coats

For a winter wedding, opt to wear an animal print fur (or faux fur) coat during your wedding photos to look fashionable and glam. You can also have your bridesmaids wear coordinating jackets. Not only does this look totally chic, but it will keep everyone warm, too!


There are so many directions you can take your wedding stationery, and using animal print is a great way to make your invitation suite stand out from the bunch. Add not only an enhanced aesthetic, but also texture to your invitation with actual cowhide sleeves that are embossed with initials or a date. These can hold your invitations and will be something completely unique. Another way to add animal prints to your stationery is to use an animal print envelope liner, which is a more subtle touch.

Bridal Accessories

If you really can’t resist wearing animal print on your big day, do so through your accessories. There are a couple ways to use the animal print of your choice in your look. First, you can wear a printed garter, which hardly anyone will see, making this a small and simple way to use these prints. A more obvious way to wear animal print is opting for shoes in a print.

Faux Fur or Cowhide Rugs

A stack of cowhide rugs.

Adorn your wedding aisle with something different—a faux fur or cowhide rug! This will definitely make a statement and is a small but impactful way to incorporate animal print into your wedding. Plus, you can make this touch do double duty by having it moved to the cocktail hour or any lounge space in your reception so that it’s used throughout the entirety of the evening.


A stack of blankets and pillows at an outdoor winter wedding.

Use throw pillows in an animal print or faux fur to adorn cocktail hour or reception furniture as a more subtle use of these bold patterns on your big day. Another way to use animal print in textiles is through napkins at every place setting during the reception. These can breathe more life into your table settings. An animal print table runner is another way to make your tables totally wild and eye-catching.

Wedding Cake

Make your wedding cake a statement piece by decorating it in animal prints. You can have every tier in a different print or opt for the same one throughout. Even having your cake textured to match a specific animal print, like snakeskin, can incorporate this theme into your day, albeit in a more subdued manner. Another dessert to consider adding to your reception with an animal print touch is chocolate covered strawberries. When covered with white chocolate, they can easily be designed to mimic popular animal prints, which is pretty cool!

Themed After-Party

If you want to go totally nuts with the animal print theme but not have it featured during your actual ceremony or reception, consider having an animal-themed after-party. For this, you could have animal printed tassel and confetti as decorations, animal-themed photo booth props, printed lanterns, and even animal print balloons. This would also give you a fun excuse to change into a killer animal print dress after the reception concludes, which would be a fun touch. Consider making the after-party safari-themed, where you can give out safari hats to guests to sport during this laid back part of the celebration.

Show your wild side and highlight your fun personality by adding animal print into your wedding in these creative ways.

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