Insider Tips

Insider Tips
Insider Tips

  1. Aruba’s spas are the finest in the Caribbean. Couples can relax with a coconut body wrap, a hot stone massage or a facial treatment with Aruba’s locally grown aloe. “things to do-restaurants”
  2. Aruba is also a food lover’s paradise. Try a beachside dining experience complete with soft sand between the toes, the sound of gentle waves and a beautiful Aruba sunset.
  3. Take a cozy sunset catamaran cruise and enjoy stunning views of Aruba’s shoreline as you sip breezy cocktails and marvel as the stars come out to light up the night sky.
  4. For a relaxing, romantic excursion for two, head to world famous Baby Beach—a protected natural cove with warm, shallow waters. The perfect spot to be kissed by the sun!
  5. Experience Carnival, Aruba-style, at the Carubbian Festival! This celebration of music, dance, food, crafts and culture takes place in San Nicolas every Thursday. “Baby Beach” “Carnival in Aruba”
  6. Aruba also has a “wild side” that will take your breath away. Explore Arikok National Park together on a hike, a bike or add a little extra adrenaline with a jeep or ATV tour.
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