Mastering the “Organic” Bouquet

Flower Moxie DIY bridal bouquet

“I just want my bouquet to have that garden-picked feel to it.”

Bouquets aren’t born out of carefree saunters to one’s English garden– kind of like how most people don’t get ‘beach waves’ simply from going to the beach. (It’s all an Instagram illusion!)

But fear not, industrious brides. We have the solution to create that wild look with just a wee bit of effort. Plus, we’ve got an insider trick for all you readers: build the bouquet laying down! The flowers, not your person. This prevents a whole lof of hand cramping. (You’ll thank us later!)

Oh! And bonus: this bouquet will be built one-sided (flat on one side, dimensioned on the other), which is great because you can lay down your bouquet throughout the night,without damaging your blooms. It will also lay flat against your sweet self, making it easier to carry. Win.

So, if you’re a nervous bride who can also lay down twigs, this is the perfect Flower Moxie tutorial for you. You got this!

Step 1

Start by laying greens down on an ‘X’ axis. You’re building the foundation of the shape of your bouquet. Make it as wild or as tight as you’d like.
Flower Moxie DIY bridal bouquet

Flower Moxie DIY bridal bouquet

Step 2

Layer, layer, layer. Texture is like bacon…you can never have too much. A great way to add a little texture is to buy 70% of your greens and forage for the rest so that they’ll match but not be “too perfect.”

Flower Moxie DIY bridal bouquet

Step 3

When adding blooms, follow these simple rules:

  • Group like with like. Don’t polka-dot blooms throughout your bouquet. Grouping gives each variety more visual impact/value with clustered. So, instead of putting one ranunculus here and another there, slap three together!
  • Stagger the heights. Think about it: flowers grow at different heights. So, when you group them together, make some taller and nestle some buds down in your bouquet.
  • Group in 3s. Or any odd numbers. Organic is never symmetrical.

Flower Moxie DIY bridal bouquet

Flower Moxie DIY bridal bouquet

Step 4

Bundle loosely, and tie off with a zip tie. Tie it tight enough to keep the bouquet’s shape but loose enough to adjust.

Flower Moxie DIY bridal bouquet

Flower Moxie DIY bridal bouquet

Step 5

Make any final adjustments in front of a mirror. Add more flowers if needed. Cut the old tie away to let newly added ones into the fold.

Flower Moxie DIY bridal bouquet


Flower Moxie DIY bridal bouquet

Flower Moxie DIY Boutquet

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