Organizational Tools to Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

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Planning a wedding can be stressful, as there are so many tasks to cross off your list, decisions to make, and items to discuss with your future spouse. While wedding planning can certainly be fun, it can at times be overwhelming, too. In order to help make the planning process more well organized and stress-free, take advantage of a wide range of tools for a more seamless experience. Here’s a short list to check out!


One way to stay organized and to make lists is to use Trello.This is a free, website-based platform that also has an app. While there is a paid version, you’ll likely find that the free version is perfectly suitable to help plan your wedding day. This app allows you to create different boards that house as many lists as you want, and each list can have as many individual cards and sub-tasks attached to it as desired. This is a great way to visually lay out your lists and keep things organized, as each card can house details and individual labels in a color-coded system. Another great tidbit about these boards is that you can make them even more visually appealing with background photos.

Google Suite

The entire Google suite is a great tool for staying organized while planning. From Google Docs to Google Sheets, Google Drive makes it easy to organize documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and even photos. It’s also easy to share these items with others – whether it be your future spouse, wedding party, parents, or wedding planner.

All Seated

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Another website-based tool to make planning easier is All Seated. This is a platform that makes a daunting task less intimidating: creating your wedding seating chart and venue layout. This site is totally functional, allowing you to collaborate with others when using the tool. Especially if you’re planning a wedding with a large guest list, an unusual venue layout, or planning to use a mix of table styles, this site helps immensely.


The Burner app is a great way to streamline RSVPs so that there’s less paperwork to deal with. This creates a phone number for guests to text their RSVP to. Guests can also use this to send any great wedding photos to after the fact so that you have them all in one place, which makes collection photos or information a breeze.

Wedding Happy

Another effective app to assist with wedding planning is Wedding Happy. This app keeps you on track as far as the planning timeline is concerned and also provides a fun countdown to your wedding day. With a vast amount of tasks to get done throughout the wedding planning process, this is certainly a welcome help.

Wedsite’s Budget Calculator

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Wedsite’s budget calculator is a great way to keep your finances organized and on track for your upcoming wedding. This site provides realistic budgeting tools that can keep you from overspending and makes tracking what you’ve already spent towards your wedding a breeze. Your budget can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of wedding planning, so taking the stress out of it with this tool is seriously helpful.

Genius Scan

There are so many documents associated with wedding planning that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Vendor contracts, venue contracts, and any receipts are all must-haves, and if you have them as loose papers, you risk losing them. No scanner, no problem in this case! Use an app like Genius Scan to simply take photos of your documents and make them into PDFs. This way, you can save them to your computer or a platform like Google Drive to ensure that they’re not misplaced or lost.

While there is so much that needs to get done to plan a wedding, it doesn’t mean that it needs to be a stressful process. These tools make staying organized simple and allow you to enjoy your planning experience even more at the same time.

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