The Best Bridal Shower Games of 2020

A "team bride" balloon sign.

Bridal showers are a great way to celebrate an upcoming wedding, and they’re known as a time to honor the bride and shower her with gifts for her future life with her new spouse. While some of the games often played at bridal showers are commonly thought of as old fashioned or cheesy, here’s some that are fresh, unique, and fun!

Cherished Memories

As guests arrive at the shower, ask them to write down their most cherished memory with the bride-to-be on a slip of paper and place it in a jar or container. Ensure that no one writes their name with the memory! During the shower, the bride can read the entries aloud. The guests can then guess who they think the memory was written by, with the bride unveiling who the author is. This is a sentimental, sweet, and entertaining game to indulge in.

Vow Mad Libs

Everyone loves the classic game of Mad Libs, so do a wedding edition as a simple and fun bridal shower game. Take a set of traditional vows, strategically leaving out nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Print out sheets of these for guests to fill out on their own. The bride can read through each, deciding on the funniest vows to read aloud at the end of the event.

Purse Raid

A group of women blowing confetti off of their hands at a bridal shower.

This is a fun game idea that really involves all of your guests. This is somewhat of a scavenger hunt, using everyone’s purse. Start by calling out standard items that people typically carry in their purse, such as a wallet or gum. The first person to stand up with their item in hand is a winner. Gradually move on to more unique items, like dog treats or specific snacks. Give out small prizes to the winners.

Guess the Groom’s Answers

For this game, the bridal shower host will have to work with the groom before the event. The host should ask a bunch of questions of the groom, who will guess what the bride’s answers to each question will be. During the shower, the host will ask the bride each question and will let her know what her future spouse answered on her behalf. This is a fun way to see how well the groom knows his future wife’s mind!

Heads Up: Bride Edition

Lots of people know the popular game “Heads Up,” which is usually played on an app, but you can easily turn this into a bridal shower game. Print out color photos of famous brides in history, celebrity brides, or brides from pop culture. Then, guests will partner up or get into small groups and hold these cards to their foreheads without looking at what bride they pull. Their partner or team will give them clues as to who the bride is. The team who guesses the most correctly is the winner.

Guess the Cake Flavor

An aerial view of cupcakes decorated like flowers.

Instead of serving typical dessert at the bridal shower, set up a “cake bar” with mini cakes or cupcakes in a variety of flavors. Have guests take samples of these desserts and guess the flavors.

Word Search

This is a simple game, but one that will be fun for all word lovers out there! Create your own wedding-themed word search, or one that includes words specific to the bride or couple. Leave them at each place setting and have guests complete them.

Lingerie Game

If you’re looking to shower a bride-to-be with lingerie, this game could fit the event perfectly! Ask each guest to bring lingerie as a gift to the bride that fits the personality of the purchaser. Ask them to hang it up around the room once they arrive. Then, the bride can go around and guess who brought each piece.

Games don’t have to be corny at a bridal shower. In fact, they can be quite fun! Make the most out of your shower or one that you’re hosting with these unique activity ideas!

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