The Best Movies for Wedding Inspiration

A man and woman wearing striped socks and watching a movie.

When you’re looking for inspiration in planning your wedding day, there are many places you can source for ideas. From Pinterest to magazines to Instagram to blogs, it’s not unlikely for brides and grooms to scour the internet and other sources for inspiration. Another place that’s fun to look at for your wedding day vision is Hollywood. Cuddle up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite candy while watching some favorite movies to inspire your own big day.

Bride Wars

A classic rom-com is a great way to laugh, smile, and be inspired to plan your own wedding day. The main characters, played by Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, both dream of weddings at New York’s iconic venue, The Plaza Hotel. When they end up competing for the one open date, pure craziness ensues between these BFFs. Along the way, you can take in some beautiful wedding gowns and decor to inspire your own big day.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

A wedding ceremony decorated with twinkle lights.

If you’re dreaming of your own outdoor wedding, take some time to watch Twilight: Breaking Dawn. This movie features a gorgeous wedding scene with hanging lights, a canopy of trees, tangling vines, and a beautiful soundtrack to boot. If you’re planning an earthy, eccentric wedding, this movie could be the source of much inspiration.

Mamma Mia!

Be transported to a beautiful setting that will serve as inspiration for your own destination wedding. The Greek islands act as a beautiful backdrop in this fun film. Between the shimmering blue seas and the white washed buildings, the wedding has an exotic and magical feel. This movie and its scenery alone could be enough to inspire you to have a destination wedding somewhere far away, giving you and your guests alike a new experience that will serve to provide lifelong memories.

Father of the Bride (Part One)

A bride and grom at their backyard wedding.

Father of the Bride is a classic movie that was remade by Nancy Meyers in the ’90s. For couples looking to have a classic backyard wedding, look no further than this heartwarming family tale that will induce tears and laughs alike for some wedding planning inspiration.

Crazy Rich Asians

For luxe wedding inspiration that will truly blow your mind, look no further than Crazy Rich Asians. This wedding is filled to the brim with decor, over-the-top entertainment, and glam. Not only will this movie provide you with fun inspiration for your own wedding, but it’s also a fun film to watch in general with interesting characters and a great storyline!

27 Dresses

Bridesmaids wearing neural-colored dresses.

While this movie is a bit of a chick flick, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the watch for some wedding-related inspiration. The beauty of this movie is that you get to see a bunch of different weddings, which can help you discern your own wedding style, showing you some things you’ll like and many things you probably won’t. One thing about this movie is for sure, though: this probably will inspire you as to what not to choose for bridesmaid dresses, as there are definitely some doozies of dresses featured in this film.

Sex and the City

Another movie that can inspire an over-the-top glam wedding filled with couture, great decor, and an iconic setting is the first Sex and the City movie. This film has its share of drama, of course, and actually features another wedding at the end that’s a totally different style to inspire you for something small and intimate. Plus, this movie features inspiring friendships, which also makes it worth the watch!

The winter is the perfect time to cuddle up on the couch and watch some tried and true films. The fact that these movies not only serve to entertain but also act as wedding planning inspiration is an added bonus that makes them that much more enjoyable to watch as you get ready to walk down the aisle at your own wedding.

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