The Best Tips for DIYing Wedding Flowers

A bridal bouquet of pink peonies on a vintage wood chair.

It’s no doubt that some of the major expenses when it comes to weddings are flowers and styling—but for good reason. Creating floral displays for events can be labor-intensive. Professional florists have years of training and experience to handle this. But if you’re creative enough, have a vision, and are looking to save some bucks, doing your own wedding flowers may be for you! Here are the best tips we can give if you’re DIY-ing your wedding flowers that will help you save time and headaches.

Plan in Advance

No matter how small or intimate your wedding seems, your wedding flowers is a whole project in itself. Take note of the things that you need to prepare for so you’re not overwhelmed:

When you visit the venue, note the number of tables you’ll be using for your guests so you have a centerpiece count.

Count other tables that need decorations too, such as the welcome table, sweetheart table, and other common areas around the venue where floral décor will be placed.

Finalize your bridal party’s headcount early on so you know how many bouquets are needed.

Factor in other items that you need when doing your own flowers such as buckets, floral tape and wire, floral scissors, boxes for transport, and ribbons.

Schedule the pick-up of flowers from the store, as well as the delivery to the venue.

Do Your Research

You can drown in Pinterest and Instagram looking at beautiful wedding styles, but it’s not all about colors and textures. It’s also easy to dream of a cascading orchid bridal bouquet or a bunch of peonies—but they can also make a big dent in your budget. Research the flowers that will be in season on your wedding day and work with a wholesaler to help you get a clear picture of the costs and how many flowers you need to purchase. Be open to adding more greenery if needed, and target to just buying one to three kinds of blooms so you can purchase in bulk. Doing a floral workshop is also good for research and investment as you can use the skills you’ll learn in the long run after your wedding.

Another tip: research the longevity of your chosen flowers, and how to care for them. If you are putting them together a day or two before the wedding, you’ll want to make sure they’re still fresh on your wedding day!

Make Your Flowers Multipurpose

A vintage table decorated with flowers at a wedding.

Are you having the ceremony and reception at the same venue? Maybe your ceremony flowers can be transferred to be placed on the tables at the reception. Put some small vases on the sweetheart table so your bridesmaids’ bouquets can serve as your sweetheart table’s décor. Welcome tables can be swapped to a dessert table or favor table towards the end of the evening. Talk with your venue and caterer to make sure they can work on this. Repurposing your flowers throughout the day can be a great way to save both time and money if you’re doing it yourself.

Use other Decor Elements

A wedding reception table decorated with flowers.

Flowers are not the only design staples that create a beautiful wedding. You can add other elements such as candles, photo frames, vases, and even fruit (lemons and oranges add nice scents, too!) Coordinating with the colors of your linens, napkins, and runners also adds to the overall aesthetic of your tables. Add “Welcome” signs, menu cards, programs, and other print-outs that are uniform with your invitation as nice decor touches that will require less use of florals.

Don’t Do it Alone

Make it a party! Everything about weddings is more meaningful when shared with your loved ones. Invite your bridal party over, pop the champagne, and get to work. Having your friends create their own bridesmaid bouquets is a nice experience you can all share and make memories over.

DIYing your own wedding flowers may seem overwhelming, but it can definitely be done. A clear vision, extra decor elements, and a supportive team to back you up will have you on your way to a beautiful DIY wedding!

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