The Best Venues for Small Weddings

A wedding ceremony arch made of greenery and overlooking a rural landscape.

It seems that now more than ever, couples are opting for more intimate weddings rather than large affairs. Whether you’re planning a small event due to preference or because of concerns around the recent pandemic, there are certainly tons of amazing settings for intimate wedding celebrations. Here are some of the best options to consider!

An Urban Rooftop

If you’re getting married in a city, rooftop restaurants or bars are a great place to host your intimate wedding. The setting, view, and ambiance will be sure to wow guests and it’ll surely be a night to remember for everyone.

A Family Home

A backyard wedding decorated with vintage white chairs and white balloons.

While weddings at private homes can prove to be tricky for large weddings, they are usually completely doable at smaller events. This is because they’re better equipped to house a smaller crowd, and the logistics of planning get a whole lot easier for fewer people. Having your wedding at a home that means something to you as a couple, or even at a beautiful rented house in a special destination, is a great setting for an intimate wedding.

Your Favorite Restaurant

Another perk of a smaller wedding is that you can more easily host it at your favorite restaurant. Whether you use an eatery’s private event space or get a long table in a more secluded area of the dining room, this can be the perfect place to celebrate tying the knot.

An Island Escape

A bride and groom walking on the sand at their tropical wedding.

Getting a large guest list to a faraway island may seem like a tall task, but convincing only those closest to you to make the trip should be easy as pie. Choose a tropical location and get married on the beach as the waves provide the background music. Then, turn the trip into a group vacation for everyone in attendance. It’ll be a trip you’ll never forget with irreplaceable memories with your favorite people.

A Wonderful Winery

A winery presents a picturesque and fun place to host an intimate wedding. Wineries are endlessly romantic, and you’re sure to have delicious refreshments available to yourself and guests in a setting like this. Another great part of wineries is that they typically offer both indoor and outdoor space.

On a Boat

A bride and groom kissing on a boat.

Getting married on a boat screams intimate, and it’s a fun and memorable way to tie the knot. Just you, your guests, and the water around you will make you feel like you’re away from it all to really take in the moment.

Somewhere Rural

Hit the country for your intimate affair and go back to the basics. A farm or log cabin could allow you and your guests to be one with nature as you experience one of the most special days of your life. A fall escape to the mountains to take in the foliage or a mountain house near a ski resort during a snow-filled winter will really give both you and your guests a sense of peace and fun.

A Local Public Park

A bride and groom walking in a park looking at a statue.

If allowed at your nearest public park, take advantage of the outdoors and use it as your wedding venue. With a more intimate guest list, you should be able to get away with picnic tables for seating. You’ll feel like you’re at the best picnic ever as you enjoy the scenery and ambiance with your guests.

A Foreign Country

If you’ve dreamed of having a wedding in an exotic location or another country, an intimate wedding could help facilitate this. Crossing the pond to Europe or going somewhere adventurous like South America or Africa to tie the knot likely wouldn’t be possible with a huge list of guests in tow, but with a smaller group, it’s entirely possible. Whether your dream is an Italian villa in the Tuscan hillside or surrounded by wildlife on safari, these dream locations present the perfect place for your small wedding setting.

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