The Most Inexpensive Flowers to Use in Your Wedding

A bride wearing a strapless dress and holding a large bouquet of roses and greenery.

Flowers are beautiful—but they aren’t cheap. When working with a wedding budget, you definitely don’t want to overspend when it comes to florals. However, you might have a problem with pinching your pennies when it comes to selecting the perfect peonies for your bouquet, for example. The ideal solution: you want pretty petals that are cheap, but don’t look cheap. Luckily, there are plenty of gorgeous flowers that fit the bill, literally. Below is our list of the most inexpensive flowers to use in your wedding that will look the part without breaking the bank.


Surprisingly, roses can be inexpensive depending on which varietal and color you select. If you’re working with a skilled florist, they might actually look like peonies!


A table centerpiece made of greenery and carnations.

These flowers usually get a bad reputation for being a tad on the cheesy side, but their lovely texture and colors make for a sweet centerpiece or even bouquet. They’re also known to be long-lasting, which might work for anything from a wrist corsage to a boutonnière.

Baby’s Breath

Let’s not underestimate this gorgeous floral accoutrement. No longer considered corny, this little beauty is making a comeback thanks to its delicate, rustic vibe. Plus, from bouquets to centerpieces, it works with everything.


A bride holding a bouquet of blue hydrangeas.

Springlike and cheerful, these flowers are a welcome addition to a summer or spring wedding. And because their heads are so large, you only need to buy a few to make for a lush centerpiece or bouquet. Tip: If they begin to wilt, simply add them to water and they’ll instantly refresh.


For the perfect springtime wedding, look no further than the cheerful and pretty lily. There’s a variety of lilies out there, some more expensive than others, but the good news is you can definitely add lilies to your wedding with any budget.


A bride holding a bouquet of white tulips.

Speaking of spring florals, nothing says springtime more than the iconic tulip. They’re simple and bright, and will cheer up just about any floral arrangement. And no, they’re not super expensive, either!

Queen Anne’s Lace

If you’re looking for a floral that will add the right amount of delicate texture with understated elegance and romance, look no further than Queen Anne’s Lace. It’s the perfect addition to any bouquet or centerpiece, especially if you’re theme is rooted in old world glamour and sophistication.


A bridal bouquet of sunflowers.

Sunflowers are about the happiest flowers out there, and luckily they’re not going to cost you a bundle. They’re the best flower if you’re planning a summer or early fall outdoor wedding, and will immediately cheer up any centerpiece.


If you’re planning a bohemian or rustic wedding, you’ll want to add these lively flowers to your day. They can easily mix well with other wildflowers to give it that earthy romantic look. Another bonus: they have a long shelf life so there’s no fear of wilting on your special day.

Lemon Leaf

A table runner at a wedding reception made of greenery and lemons.

Adding some greenery to your wedding is all the rage, but unfortunately lush greens can be pretty pricey. However, the lemon leaf isn’t, and will add the right amount of boho lushness to any bouquet or floral arrangement.


These bright flowers offer a pop of color and texture to any arrangement. They look luxurious without the hefty luxurious price tag. Make sure you order the type of bloom that works best for you—for a wilder look, you will want the ones known as florist mums while the garden mums are smaller.

As the list above proves, there’s no need to break the bank when it comes to flowers. With some careful digging (no pun intended) you can easily find the most beautiful florals to fit every budget and any wedding.

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