Unexpected Cost Savings of Having a Theme Wedding

Newlyweds pose with a horse at a western theme wedding

Budget-conscious brides cringe whenever someone introduces something new in the wedding planning process. Why does there have to be more flowers, bridesmaids, cakes, and guests? It’s the fear of going over budget that causes many couples to choose the traditional theme option. These couples think that they can get the best deal by planning a conventional wedding.

Unfortunately, with traditional weddings there are a lot of expectations from family and friends. This can be great if what you want is a traditional wedding, but many people want something a little less conventional. That is why, contrary to popular belief, you can actually save money ditching the traditional wedding theme and choosing a different theme for your wedding instead. There are ways to spend a lot of money on decor and costumes for a theme wedding, but with the right planning process, you’ll see that a theme wedding is really a great plan to truly personalize your wedding and save some money.

There Are More Dress Options in Theme Weddings

If you don’t love long gowns and stiff tuxedos, a theme wedding is a great excuse to switch the style to casual dress. If anything, you save money on things like matching dresses and suits for the bridal party. Think about how much more fun it would be to have a crafting day with your friends and create their themed outfits than it would be to spend a lot of money on perfectly identical outfits at the bridal store. This isn’t for everyone, but once you introduce the idea of a theme to the wedding party, it is easy to get everyone outfitted in inventive and inexpensive ensembles.

A newly-married couple get their photograph taken as confetti flies through the air

Choose an Unusual Wedding Time That Fits the Theme

Some of the advice that is often given to brides is to try having a wedding any day and time other than Friday or Saturday evening because prices for venues are highest during those times. An Alice-in-Wonderland theme wedding makes an early afternoon “tea time” make more sense, and switching to Sunday morning or Wednesday evening seems less unusual if you mention that everyone will also be taking part in a masquerade ball. By taking away some of the typical traditional elements and scheduling, you are given the freedom to pick times when venues are less expensive.

Meaningful DIY Decorations

A beach-themed wedding with DIY decorations

Flowers are beautiful and smell great, but wedding arrangements get expensive quickly. With a rustic-themed wedding or a medieval-style wedding, you can get away with cheaper decor: beautiful home-grown veggies, gourds, DIY decorations, to hand-picked wildflowers. There are ways in which your decorations can come from your own possessions. For example, a book-themed wedding can feature a fun assortment of tomes instead of a bouquet of flowers.

Change the Script on the Traditional Ceremony and Bridal Party

When adding a theme to your wedding event, there’s a great chance to make your ceremony truly “you.” Whether you live in Nevada or not, a 1950s or Vegas themed wedding can spice things up with an Elvis-dressed wedding officiant, for example. Choosing to have fewer or no bridesmaids and groomsmen can also save some money. This will also reduce the hierarchy among friendships and family members, which is always a welcome relief to people who are planning weddings.

A bride and groom at an outdoor wedding ceremony

Small Weddings Are Perfect for Theme Weddings

One benefit of a theme wedding is that it’s great for a small wedding with very few guests. True, not everyone is going to be on board for your Alpine-Skiing theme wedding, but that means you can focus your attention and money on the smaller group of guests who want to be a part of it! If a large wedding is what would make you happy, this wouldn’t be the way for you to save money, but it is empowering to know that there is nothing wrong with a small wedding either. Some people actually mention how meaningful it was to have only a few of their nearest and dearest friends and family present.

Pick Delicious Themed Food, Even if It’s Not Fancy

One element that few weddings with sit-down dinners acknowledge, is that they too have a theme—fancy! Fancy food, fancy outfits, and a classy atmosphere predominates in traditional weddings. However, if your theme is “Mexican Fiesta,” you are released from the obligation to pick fancy food. Instead, you can pick the most delicious fajitas and margaritas in town, even if they are also very affordable. One way that hip brides and grooms are incorporating their themes is by hiring a food truck with a similar theme for the evening. There’s no need for an on-site kitchen, the truck gets guaranteed customers, and there is still usually a discount for buying so many meals together.

While you don’t need to incorporate all of these ideas in order to make a great theme wedding, using even one of these tips may cut down your wedding budget and allow you the flexibility to create an unforgettable theme wedding!

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