Unique Venues for Micro Weddings

An aerial view of a bride and groom on a boat.

Deciding where you’ll tie the knot is one of the biggest wedding planning decisions you’ll be faced with. If you’ve already decided to go with a mirco wedding versus a large guest list, then you probably know that you’ll have your pick of venues given the small size of your celebration. With that being said, more intimate affairs can easily be held at less traditional venues that allow you to be creative with your wedding. See below for some unique and amazing wedding venue ideas that would be perfect for your dream micro wedding.

A Boat

If you’re an ocean lover, a boat is the perfect place to exchange vows. Micro weddings with small guest lists allow you to have smaller venues—so small that they can float on water, in fact! Besides being a cool way to tie the knot, a boat offers beautiful scenery and an absolutely unforgettable experience as you kick off your journey as husband and wife.

Your Favorite Antique Store

If you and your future spouse love to go antiquing on the weekends, why not turn that hobby into a unique place to say “I do”? Rent out a local antique store to use as a unique and quirky wedding venue for something you and your guests alike will never forget.

Summer Camp

For a couple that loves the outdoors (or perhaps met at summer camp many moons ago), renting out a campground makes for a perfect wedding venue. The beauty of a summer camp wedding is that it can be as casual or fancy as you wish it to be, making it a great unique venue for a micro wedding. A similar venue idea to this is to get married at a favorite campsite.


A bride and groom in a library.

A bookish couple deserves a wedding venue that fits the interest. A library is the perfect place to tie the knot, not only surrounded by books but also by your closest loved ones. Look into the possibility of hosting your micro wedding at your local library for something truly magical.


If you love the arts or are a past or current performer, getting married at a theater is a great nod to this passion. A local theater also serves as a unique venue that would be the perfect place to host your small list of guests.


Take the idea of getting married under the stars to the next level by getting married in your local planetarium. You won’t need to decorate this venue very much and the background is sure to be awe-inspiring.


A bride and groom in a greenhouse.

Surround yourself with lush greenery and nature as you exchange vows. A greenhouse is the perfect venue to get the feeling of being outdoors while having shelter from a potential rain shower and a more temperature controlled option. A botanical garden is another option for a picturesque venue surrounded by nature.

Brewery or Distillery

Something that would be super fun for you and your guests is to say “I do” at a brewery or distillery. Toast to your commitment in style with those you love the most in an awesome setting with delicious drinks built in.

Theme Park

For couples that are kids at heart, a theme park is a fabulous venue to consider for a micro wedding. Entertainment won’t need to be hired if you opt to get wed at a theme park, as the rides, shows, and games will be more than enough to keep everyone busy after you’ve exchanged your vows.


A warehouse gives off an edgy and industrial vibe for your micro wedding and, depending on your personalities, could be the perfect place to get married surrounded by those closest to you. The cool thing about a warehouse is that it’s a totally blank slate, giving you the freedom to decorate it as much or as little as desired to turn it into your dream day.

So many venue ideas, so little time! Planning a micro wedding should allow you to get creative and think outside the box, and these venue ideas certainly facilitate that.

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