Wedding Planning as a Plus-Size Bride

gorgeous plus-size brunette bride

As plus-size brides, there are a few things that we may want to think about when we are planning our weddings. I think that sometimes, as plus-sized folks, we often tend to shy away from talking about how our needs may differ a bit from smaller brides, but as fat and fabulous women, there is nothing to be ashamed of. All bodies are good bodies, and we should not shy away from making sure all our needs are met and that we (and our plus-sized loved ones) are comfortable and happy during our weddings. Here are some things that plus-size brides may be more likely to have to think about when planning our weddings (though these kinds of issues or similar ones should be thought about by every bride).

The Dress

The dress, the dress, the dress. Of course this is the first thing that comes to mind for many of us plus-sized brides (or bridesmaids), and for good reason. It may be more difficult for us to find dresses that fit and are flattering, and we may have fewer options to try on. Luckily, we’ve got you covered on this aspect. Here is a list of of gorgeous and affordable plus-size designers. (Remember that dresses can be altered for relatively reasonable prices too.)

You deserve to have a dress you love and that fits well, no matter your size or shape. You can call ahead to make sure that a bridal boutique has plenty of samples for you to try, which will prevent you from wasting your time at boutiques without many options.

More casual brides may want to check out their usual plus-size stores as well because many often carry one or two formal white dresses that could easily make you look like a princess on your wedding day—without the “wedding” tax (i.e. the higher price automatically added to anything wedding-related).

Along with the wedding dress, if you have plus-sized bridesmaids, you will also want to think about them and make sure they have options they’re comfortable with. People of all sizes may be uncomfortable with certain styles (e.g. strapless) or silhouettes (e.g. empire waist), so you will want to check in with your bridesmaids or even let them pick their own styles in a designated color. At a minimum, make sure that if you choose a specific dress for your bridesmaids that the company has everyone’s sizes available—but remember that you can’t necessarily tell someone’s size by looking at them.


As a plus-size person, it is embarrassing and uncomfortable to not have any seating that is large enough for your frame, or even worse, sit on a chair and have it groan or break underneath you. Brides of all sizes should consider the comfort of all their guests and make sure that the seating is wide and strong enough to hold all sizes of guests.

If your seating during the ceremony is going to be chairs, make sure they are far enough apart from each other that guests have ample room. You don’t want people to feel like they are on an airplane!

Tip: Seats without armrests can be much more comfortable since you don’t need to squeeze in.


Like everyone else, plus-size people differ in all kinds of ways, but some of us can get overheated more easily than our thinner counterparts. Add on a large dress and layers or undergarments, and the effect can make it even worse. Layers can help because you can take things off if you need to, but it is important that you make sure that you are not too hot, as you probably don’t want to sweat all over your dress!

Generally, it is good to know who to talk to about how to get the heat or air conditioning turned up or down anyways. Also, remember that rooms will get hotter once everyone hits the dance floor and starts generating body heat.


Whether you have a destination wedding or just have friends and family coming from far away, travel can be especially awful for plus-sized people, especially flying. Some plus-sized men and women may be required (or prefer) to purchase an extra seat on the plane. While some airlines will reimburse the costs, others may not.

Consider this extra expense when planning your wedding. You should also consider this if you are going on a honeymoon that requires air travel. Look at airline websites for specific information for passengers of size.


Unfortunately, the world isn’t always kind to plus-sized people, and others can be rude in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Remember that any vendors that you hire should be respectful, and if you feel uncomfortable in any way, you can decline to do business with them. It may be easier said than done, but no one should make you feel bad about your body, especially when it comes to your wedding. Your wedding should be a day of love and celebration, and no one (including family and friends) has a right to make you feel like less that the beautiful bride that you are.

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