What to Do with Your Bouquet After the Wedding

A bouquet of dried flowers in a cement vase against a white wall.

You spend a great deal of money on your wedding flowers, and without a doubt they’ll be a beautiful accent on your big day. With that being said, you probably don’t want to let certain floral accents go to waste after the celebrations end. In fact, things like your bridal bouquet can make a great memento to keep well after your wedding day has come and gone, as long as you take the right steps to preserve it after your big day. There are even ways to get creative with your bouquet afterwards to create a special keepsake you’ll love forever. Here’s some ideas to make the most of your floral investment.

Send the Bouquet to a Specialist

One simple option for keeping your wedding bouquet in good condition once the day has passed is sending it to a professional preservationist. These services for hire will preserve your flowers in shadow boxes, glass boxes, or frames. Some services even allow you to put other keepsakes, like your wedding invitation, with the flowers to create a beautiful display that you’ll forever treasure. While this is an easy way to preserve your bouquet, it’s a more expensive one, costing upwards of $100.

Press Your Flowers

A book of pressed flowers.

For a more economically friendly option or DIY option, press your wedding flowers yourself! Do this as soon after your big day as possible; the fresher the flowers are, the better. Take your whole bouquet or even part of it and spread the stems out on clean wax paper. This helps to make the flowers lift more easily after they’re pressed. Make sure that you love the way they are arranged atop the wax paper, because it’ll be hard to rearrange them once they’re dried. Then, lay the piece of wax paper with the flowers on it inside the page of a hefty book. Gently place another piece of wax paper on top of the flowers and shut the book. Weigh the book down as much as possible, with something like additional books. Leave the flowers in this arrangement for seven to 10 days. After that, they’ll be dry and you can arrange them in a frame or shadow box.

Create a Coffee Table Book

Another way to press flowers is to press them into the pages of a blank book to create a beautiful coffee table book of your bouquet flowers. All you have to do is arrange the flowers flat on the pages of the book and shut them in there for seven to 10 days, allowing them to dry. Just like that, you will have a gorgeous book to keep forever.

Dry Your Bouquet

A dried bouquet of flowers.

You can dry out your bouquet the way it’s assembled so that you can keep it that way for a long time to come. The best way to do so is to let it air dry upside down. Unwrap the bouquet, getting rid of tape or ties. You can opt to disassemble the bouquet, hanging each stem individually if you so choose. Hang the bouquet or stems upside down in a dry area, such as a closet. Especially if the area is cool, let them dry for at least a week. Afterwards, you can put them in a vase (sans water) or even create a wreath to enjoy, using the ribbon from your bouquet as an accent. You could also opt to glue your dried flowers in a shadowbox surrounding your wedding invitation as a gorgeous keepsake display.

Dip Flowers in Wax

Although doing this won’t make your flowers last forever, it will extend their life by about a half a year. Melt paraffin wax in a saucepan, and then let it cool slightly. Then, one flower at a time, dip the flower heads in the wax until they’re completely covered. Remove from the wax and dry the flowers upside down. Then, put them in a vase and enjoy.

There’s no shortage of things you can do to preserve your wedding bouquet and turn it into a memento you’ll forever be able to enjoy and cherish!

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