What to Know About Hiring a Food Truck for Your Wedding

A woman wearing a white lacy dress getting a hamburger from a food truck at a wedding reception.

Whether you’re planning a formal wedding or a more casual affair, food trucks are definitely worth considering for your big day. These portable eateries have only become more popular over the years, especially at big events. Why? Easy! Food truck staff is used to serving large groups of people in a highly efficient manner. This makes them perfect for weddings! And even if it’s a white-tie celebration, guests love food trucks because they create a relaxed atmosphere. With this setup, no one has to worry about which course comes when or what fork should be used for the shrimp.

You love it; they love it; everyone loves it. Sounds like a no-brainer! But before you book your favorite local food truck, there are a few things you should know and consider. Here are a few useful bits to assure your special day goes exactly as planned.

First, Find Your Perfect (Food) Truck

A chef cooking in a food truck.

Although commonly referred to as “food trucks,” they serve far more than food. In most cases, every food truck specializes in something. And yes, it can be just drinks! Portable bars are trending!

When deciding who to hire, first consider whether you want the food truck to serve your guests their main meal or if you just want them around as a casual accompaniment to other catering. Some couples suggest hiring one as a late-night snack or a mobile dessert bar. (It’s always a good idea to have some sort of food available hours after dinner finished!) The last thing you want is your guests going hungry or getting too inebriated. Also, there’s nothing wrong with hiring multiple trucks as well, provided you have the space and the budget.

Walk Through the Reception Venue

Check out your reception venue in person before you make a booking with your food truck of choice. This means asking the owners of the venue if parking a food truck anywhere is actually OK. Then, examine the grounds to find a suitable place for the vehicle(s) to park. Ideally, this should be flat-leveled ground and an area that is easily accessible to guests.

Although most people book food trucks for spring or summer when the weather is likely to be in their favor, this is still something worth keeping in mind. Since food trucks are almost always located outside, consider placing some sort of shelter (such as a tent) around it so that your guests won’t have to stand in the wind or the rain, if there is any.

Read the Fine Print

A young woman eating food from a food truck.

When reserving a food truck, ask about the details. This includes a minimum guest policy, installation costs, and if there are other surprise expenses that might pop up.

Additional fees may also come depending on the hours the food truck is expected to work. Most companies expect to stick around for a couple of hours or so. If you plan for them to stand around all day, double-check that this won’t exaggerate the fee too much. For example, if it’s an all-day hire, the food truck company may need to hire additional staff to swap out mid-day.

Consider These Additions for Your Guests’ Comfort

Let’s start with seating. You can absolutely go with classical formal seating alongside your food truck, but it’s a good idea to have a few standing or bar-height tables as well. Not only will it add to the casual atmosphere of the food truck, but guests will love the more relaxed take on things if they just want a snack.

Another thing worth mentioning is the dishes and silverware. Most food trucks use disposable plates and utensils, so if you’re an environmentalist, you might see that as a no-no. In which case, you may want to ask the food truck company if they will be able to use your own supplied forks and plates, or at least if they have environmentally friendly supplies. Should you provide your own dishes and cutlery, be aware that this will be an extra cost within your wedding budget.

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