What Vendors Do I Need for a Micro Wedding?

Wedding photographers taking photos of a bride and groom on a cliff.

Hosting a micro wedding demands a different way of organizing than planning a larger affair. One way that micro weddings differ from traditional weddings is that they typically don’t require quite as many vendors, which can save you a good amount of time and money throughout the wedding planning process. Learn below what vendors should be on your “must have” list when planning your own micro wedding.

Must-Have Micro Wedding Vendors

There are some vendors that are an absolute must for your micro wedding, as explained below.


Although you could certainly ask a loved one at your wedding to take photos for you, having a professional photographer makes it a lot easier and will likely result in better photos of your special day. Invest in a photographer to make your day as seamless as possible, to ensure every moment is captured on film, and to allow all of your guests to enjoy in and be present in each moment with you.


A bride holding a bouqet of pink flowers.

Even if you’re not having a ton of decorations or won’t have many tables to decorate with centerpieces at your micro wedding, it doesn’t mean you won’t need the help of a florist. At the minimum, a florist will be the perfect person to create your bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres.


A caterer is essential for almost any large-scale event, and this includes micro weddings! Choosing a caterer that will work closely with you to provide the right food for your celebration will make your wedding that much better. Depending on the number of guests you’re having, you may want to do a multi-course meal or you may be going with something way more casual, like a barbecue buffet. Whatever you choose for your big day, a caterer helps make the event more seamless.

Vendors to Consider

There are also some vendors to consider that aren’t must-haves, but that you may decide you want to include in your micro wedding.

Professional Officiant

While you may want to hire a professional officiant to marry you, it really depends on personal preference. Since you’re having an intimate affair, you may want to choose a loved one to be your officiant to make the day that much more special. This could go either way, so it’s definitely something to discus with your fiancé.

Musician or DJ

A pair of musicians playing music on a lawn at a wedding reception.

Smaller weddings don’t necessarily need to have a DJ or band performing to entertain your guests. Instead, you may opt to just use a good sound system with music playing from someone’s phone. Again, this is up to personal preference and completely depends on the priorities you have for your event. One option, which is a bit of a middle ground, is to have one musician there to play music, such as a guitarist who sings or a musician who plays classical music.


Like all weddings, no matter the size, a videographer is a vendor you may want to include or that you may want to skip. While hiring a videographer can definitely be pricey, it could be worth it in order to capture more memories from your unforgettable day. This is another vendor that’s up to personal preference and is worth considering.

Wedding Planner or Coordinator

Coordinating a micro wedding is typically less stressful than coordinating a large-scale wedding, but that doesn’t mean a planner or wedding coordinator couldn’t be of great help! You may decide you want to allot money from your wedding budget towards this vendor (or you can easily go without!).

Narrowing down the vendors needed for your micro wedding saves you effort and energy on planning, not to mention money in your wedding budget! All of these are pluses and make the entire process less stressful. This allows you to really focus on the root of your wedding: the love you and your future spouse share.

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