11 Post Wedding Brunch Themes

A group of friends toasting over brunch.

A brunch the morning after your wedding is the best way to cap off the weekend in a memorable way that your guests will love. After all your other fun wedding weekend activities—a welcome party, a rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, the reception, and an after-party— a brunch is the final time you’ll spend time with your guests. For that reason, you’ll surely want to make it special. There’s no better way to make this post-wedding event memorable than to give it a fun theme, and there are many to choose from that pair perfectly with the occasion.

1. Hangover Helper

If your wedding guest list is filled with party animals, there will definitely be some guests who are nursing a bit of a hangover the morning after your wedding. Go with this “hangover helper” theme where you have greasy egg sandwiches, Gatorade, tons of coffee, and fruit-infused water on deck for your guests. (Also supply them with some aspirin to help aid their headache.)

2. Pool Party

If the setting and season allows, make the farewell brunch a pool party where everyone can kick back and relax. Blow up beach balls and pool floats, set out something easy to serve like bagels and serve poolside cocktails available for your guests to enjoy for one last hurrah of the weekend.

3. Cereal Bar

Let your guests feel like kids again with a full cereal bar, filled with nostalgic varieties that everyone loves growing up. Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, and Cocoa Rice Krispies will be sure to please your guests as they’re hungry for something yummy and sugar-filled when they awake from a fun night of dancing and mingling.

4. Donut Party

A wall of donuts.

Especially in recent years, donuts have been all the range! Have a donut filled brunch with every flavor and variety available. Create a donut wall for one more Instagrammable moment in your wedding weekend.

5. Picnic Style

Everyone loves a good old fashioned picnic, so plan your post-wedding brunch to match this theme. Have it indoors or outdoors with large, picnic style tables and simple to serve food that everyone will love. Make it casual to allow everyone to come as they are the morning after the big party.

6. Build Your Own Pancake or Waffle Bar

There’s nothing better than pancakes or waffles, stacked up high with all the accoutrements. From sprinkles and berries to whipped cream and chocolate sauce, a big spread with lots of options will make all of your guests feel like kids again as they create the stacks of their dreams on their plates.

7. Pajama Party

Everyone will likely be tired and worn out the morning after your wedding day, so why not invite all your guests to join you in their jammies for one last celebration together? Put big, plush pillows on the floor, have blankets at the ready, and give out slippers as party favors for a cozy and relaxing theme that everyone will love.

8. Mimosa and Bloody Mary Bar

A small mimosa bar set-up.

Sometimes, some hair of the dog is the best way to ward off a hangover! Give your guests one last splash of a cocktail for the weekend by setting up the mimosa and bloody Mary bars of their dreams. For the mimosas, have different types of fruit juice and bowls of berries for them to add to their glass. For the bloody Mary bar, include all kinds of accoutrements like bacon, celery, pickles, shrimp, or even mini grilled cheeses for them to trip out their cocktail.

9. Tea Party

Go for something sophisticated with a tea party themed brunch. Adorn tables with elegant teacups and saucers, have a range of teas available for guests to choose from, and even go with a Mad Hatter theme from Alice in Wonderland if that’s what suits you decor-wise. Also have towers of macaroons, scones, and croissants for guests to munch on.

10. Pizza Party

Everyone loves pizza, and after a night filled with dancing, everyone could use a hit of carbs. Have a pizza truck be the food supplier the morning after your wedding, offering a range of artisan pizzas with different toppings. To stick with a breakfast offering, you could even go with a bacon egg and cheese pizza as one of the options.

11. Clambake

If you got married near the beach, use the morning after your wedding as a time to host a clambake to send your guests off in style—and with full bellies. Clambakes provide the perfect way to soak up a seaside setting and to give guests a completely nautical and delicious experience before they head home.

Just when guests think the fun is over, a themed brunch will really wow them after the excitement of your wedding reception has come to an end. Put an epic end to a fabulous weekend by surprising them with this one last special event.

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