12 Ideas for Throwing the Bachelor Party Your Groom Actually Wants

Guys night out

While in movies we typically see a group of men getting wasted at fancy clubs and watching strippers, this isn’t exactly for everyone. There are a lot of different ways the groom and his best buds can celebrate his “last night of freedom,” and it should be something the groom actually wants to do—it’s his party! Think of something that he’s going to enjoy and remember, not what you or your other friends want.

Here is a list of our ideas, just in case you need a little inspiration.

1. Poker Night

Poker night

If the groom is someone who enjoys a night in with the guys, who’s to say you shouldn’t plan something simple? Poker night can be a real riot and it also opens up the chance to include other activities! For example, you could grill up some steaks and load up on beer and liquor for the house. Add a few cigars, and you’ll have yourself one rockin’ night!

2. The Casino

If he does like some poker, but your groom isn’t the type to stay in, consider taking everyone to the casino. To make it extra special, have dinner planned out ahead of time and consider taking a party bus! Then you can either reserve a room to crash in that night, or make sure everyone has an Uber to ensure all of the guys can have a few drinks and still get home safely at the end of the night.

3. Camping

Outdoorsy types might prefer hitting up the countryside over staying in the city. Stock up on booze and snacks, so you can chill out around the campfire.This is the perfect way to relax after a few stressful months of wedding planning.

If your groom is pretty adventurous, you can even consider spending the entire weekend out in the sticks. Bring boats, fishing supplies, or hiking equipment and really enjoy the outdoors.

4. Beach House

If hanging out in the woods isn’t your idea of a good time, why not hit the beach? Renting a beach house is often cheaper than booking a hotel, so you will all have somewhere to crash after a long day in the sun.

5. Ski Trip

Snowboarding with friends

Dealing with a winter wedding? Why not hit the slopes? Check out some mountain resorts and see which ones accommodate bachelor parties. You’d be surprised by how many people actually choose this option! Resorts often offer great dining, entertainment, and activities, so you’re sure to have a great time.

6. Golfing

If the groom is a fan of golfing, this could be a great way to celebrate. A lot of golf destinations are conveniently located near nightlife, restaurants, and hotels, making it easier to plan a full day. If you do go this route, consider the playing level of everyone attending and select a game that’s fun for all. And hey, if they aren’t into golf, at least they can drink and spend time with their friends.

7. Whiskey Tasting

Consider something a bit more high-class and arrange a private whiskey tasting bachelor party. Whiskey tasting is relaxing and much more refined, which could be perfect, depending on the groom. A lot of bars in bigger cities will be happy to book this kind of event.

8. Road Trip

Gather up the boys and hit the open road! You can plan this with an ultimate destination in mind or just go wherever your groom is interested in seeing, stopping everywhere along the way. It will give all of you an amazing chance to be adventurous, to try all kinds of new places, and create some crazy memories that you’ll be able to hold onto forever.

A lot can happen on a road trip, especially when you set off for unknown destinations. But if you’d rather plan your trip out ahead of time, there are some apps and websites that can help you. Just enter the route you plan to take, and they can suggest various stops and hotels along the way and even tell you the estimated fuel cost.

9. Paintball

Paintball game

Believe it or not, a lot of paintball facilities actually offer bachelor party packages because this kind of event has become increasingly common. Paintball is an awesome party activity because it’s inexpensive, it’s really fun, and you get to shoot your friends. Interested? Check out various paintball parks near you and see what they offer.

10. Sports Game

Huge sports fans might prefer catching a game over hitting up the club. Chances are you know your buddy well enough to know if he’d be down for watching sports. Set it up so the bachelor party is on the same night of one of the games for his favorite sports team and get tickets! Then, add in some other activities before or after, like grabbing dinner or boozing it up.

11. Extreme Sports

If your buddy’s been craving a bit of adventure, you should book something extreme, like skydiving or white-water rafting! There are a number of ways you can live it up before your bud gets hitched. Some are pretty pricey, but hey, if not now, then when?

12. Co-Ed

Not always a fan favorite, but some grooms might prefer to have their soon-to-be-wife present. Co-ed bachelor/bachelorette parties are a great way to have a huge celebration with your closest friends before the engaged couple tie the knot. This is a really great idea if the bride and groom share both male and female friends and don’t want to leave anyone out. It’s also a good idea if the groom has a Best Woman or the bride has a Man of Honor, which is more common than you might think.

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