4 Fun Ways to Spend the Night Before Your Wedding

A couple of women drinking coffee and looking out on a city.

The night before the wedding ought to be a time to get a really good night of sleep before spending a very long day making memories. However, few brides are really ready for an early night with so many thoughts in their heads. Here are a few ways to spend those last hours before you wake to become a wife.

1. Destination Wedding? Enjoy The Local Attractions

If your wedding is in your hometown, you may already know the place like the back of your hand, but if it’s in a destination far from home (even just the hometown of your soon-to-be spouse), consider what activities or attractions are available. Want to look at the stars from a mountaintop, lounge by a pool or the ocean, or see a bright, glitzy downtown? See what you can do to make it happen on that night before your wedding. Seeing something new and wonderful can put all the wedding jitters in perspective and help to focus you on the beauty and commitment the next day. Just make sure you don’t indulge too much in the local fun; know your own limits and remember how busy you’ll be the next day.

2. Have a Relaxing Night With Your Mom, Sister, or Best Friend

A trio of female friends with face masks, taking a selfie.

After the rehearsal dinner, it might be a perfect time to make some popcorn and spend the evening trying to beat your sister at a game of Sorry. You need something to take your mind off the big day, but also someone who will be totally fine with actually talking about wedding stuff the whole time. Your mom, sister, or best friend are good options for this, and the biggest benefit is that there is only one or two of them. Much of the week has already been spent with groups, most likely, so it may be worthwhile to say goodbye to single life with a small group.

3. No Bachelorette Party? Have a Girls’ Night Out

Not every bridal party gets the chance to celebrate at a bachelorette party beforehand, so right after a rehearsal dinner is a great time for a girls’ night out, since it requires minimal travel. Granted, many may think these types of evenings can lead to crazy hangovers and miserable wedding mornings, but that does not have to be you. Go see a comedy act, try a local brewery, or see if you can rustle up a place to go dancing— whatever will make it fun but won’t lead to an all-night drink-a-thon. A good time with your best friends will do your heart good. That being said, if a Girls Night In is more your style, get some of your favorite face masks and movies for a night of pampering instead.

4. Last-Minute Crafting and Movie Night

A woman cutting some fabric for a sewing project.

We do everything we can to complete the DIY stuff beforehand—and honestly, all the necessary things are done. But we wanted…personalized name tags? A seating chart re-arrangement? Some more streamers or bunting? Most likely, your sisters, friends, or cousins will be up for a little last-minute work on the beautification of the venue, and you’ll make some hot glue gun memories while you’re at it. If you promise them popcorn and a chick flick, they might even put the pedal to the metal and crank out a whole box of wedding favors really quickly.

Many ladies are coming off a fitful night of sleep right before the wedding no matter what; there is so much to think about when you lay your head down to rest! Devising a fun, adventurous, or relaxing plan post-rehearsal dinner is a great way to easily transition into the following day. No matter what, spend it with people you love and are excited to spend time with, since so many of us get less of that quality time as we transition into married life. Make that night just as memorable as the day it precedes.

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