5 Family-friendly Bachelorette Party Ideas

bachelorette party

Whether you consider yourself traditional or not, bachelorette parties are a must when it comes to pre-wedding parties. However, if you do consider yourself more traditional, and maybe even a little conservative, you may not want a bachelorette party that will leave you with a hangover the next morning — especially if you want your sweet granny to attend. There’s no need to skip this memorable experience if you lean toward the old-fashioned side of things, here are some tips that will make your bachelorette party not only memorable, but also family-friendly as well.

1. Scavenger Hunt

There are a variety of ways to do a scavenger hunt, but no matter how you decide to do it, it can be a fun alternative to the usual bachelorette parties. With the help of a simple Internet search, you can create a list of items for your guests to hunt for.

One budget-friendly (free) option is to have your guests take pictures of these items, or if you want your partygoers to work a little harder you can give them a small budget to actually buy or trade those objects.

To keep it wedding oriented, make sure all the items on the list are related to the wedding. If there are any children attending your event, they’ll be especially thrilled by this activity. And don’t forget the party badges, so non-guests will know you’re all part of the same silly group!

2. Spa Party

bachelorette party at spa

Every bride knows that planning a wedding can be stressful; a day at the spa can be just what the doctor ordered in terms of bachelorette parties. Grab your gals and kick your feet up for a day of pampering. I guarantee granny will be ever grateful.

This can be a costly option, so if you don’t have the budget for this one, then you can look up ways to create one in the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need are salt scrubs, cucumbers, and nail polish, so put them on your list.

3. Makeovers

Give all your ladies a new look by spending some time getting makeovers. Of course, it could be so much more beneficial to have a professional do the makeovers for you, but it can get costly depending on which route you go. So, this is another option you can just do yourselves if you want.

If you want to be on the silly side, make those makeovers as unsightly as humanly possible. Don’t let your attendees look in a mirror until your masterpiece is finished — such a great way to laugh the night away without all the booze.

Just be cautious with this bachelorette party idea. If you decide to go for full-blown makeovers, make sure you give yourself enough time before the wedding to fix anything that might go wrong.

4. Chick Flicks

family friendly bachelorette party chick flick

I think any girl can agree, a chick flick marathon never gets old. If you are just looking for a cozy at night at home with all the special ladies in your life, then pick out your favorite chick flicks and put them on the queue. Have all of your guests bring their favorite snacks to share; just make sure movie-theater buttered popcorn makes that list.

5. Tea Party

If a more formal setting is what you’re looking for, then may we recommend a good old-fashioned tea party? Have all your gals dress up in their floral sundresses and spectacular hats, you know, the kinds you see in movies. If your guests don’t drink tea, you can always create different alternatives with hot chocolate and cookies. This is a great time for all your guests to converse with one another in a beautiful setting. Enjoy these special moments with the girls you love the most and take lots of pictures.

Just Some Helpful Reminders…

No matter what activity you choose to do for this special day, here are some no-no’s to keep in mind:

No Alcohol

If your goal is to keep things a little more on the tame side of things, then we suggest leaving the alcohol on the shelves. Or at least, don’t bring the entire shelf with you. Nothing can spoil a mild, good time like excessive amounts of alcohol. If the ladies in your wedding party are okay with alcohol, then a glass of wine or two is appropriate. Remember, keep it serene, your granny is watching.

Limit Sexy Gifts

bachelorette party sexy gift

This can be one of the more scandalous and exciting moments of the traditional bachelorette party. Let’s face it, it’s just shear amusement watching a bride open those kinky gifts. However, entertaining as it may be, it can also be very offensive to those that are more conservative or inappropriate for young children present. If you plan on having a bachelorette party where all the ladies in your family can attend, then this part of the bash would be out of place. Just make it known on your invitation that if your guests wish to bring a gift that they please bring one in the “nice” and not the “naughty” genre.

If you feel like you cannot eliminate all the booze, male dancers, and sexy gifts then there is another option. Separate all of your activities throughout the day. That way, you can still have your family-friendly activities with your more conservative gals during the day. And for all the other gals who want to get a little crazy, they can have their own kind of fun in the evening while granny is nicely tucked away in bed.

Whatever options you may choose, keep in mind that this is a time for you to celebrate your upcoming marriage with the ladies that you love the most. Cherish it.

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