5 Things Every Bachelorette Party Needs

A bachelorette party at the beach with pastel-colored smoke bombs.

Bachelorette parties: some say they’re too wild, raunchy, and a recipe for drama. Some say they’re just a needless expense, adding a few extra zeros to the wedding-day bill. But if you ask me, bachelorette parties (and bachelor parties) are a beautiful thing. After months and months of planning a celebration for your romantic relationship, these parties give couples a chance to celebrate another kind of love—the love they share with their closest friends.

Whether you dress up and go out for a night on the town or spend a weekend away getting pampered, your bachelorette party is a wonderful opportunity to live it up with your girls and let them know how much you cherish their friendship. Of course, if you’re going to live it up properly, you’ll need the right accouterments. Here are a few essential items that every bachelorette party needs.

1. Festive Decor

Bachelorette party decorations including lights and pastel paper balls hanging above a table set for a meal.

First and foremost, a bachelorette party is a PARTY. What kind of party would it be if you didn’t decorate? Every bride-to-be deserves a decorated space for her bachelorette party, whether you dress up the backyard with fairy lights and rose gold streamers or fill her hotel room with mylar balloons of her partner’s face!

Of course, the decorations you choose will vary depending on the vibe of the party. Are you having a wild night out, complete with a party bus and bottles of bubbly? Look for decor that’s big, flashy, and brightly-colored. More into the relaxing spa day soirée? Bust out the scented candles and a bowl of floating flowers. How about a party that gets a little “naughty”? Trust me, there are literally tons of decor options out there…a quick Google search and you’ll be ready to go.

2. The Squad Uniform

Women at a bachelorette party with

We’ve all seen that gaggle of girls who wander into brunch in matching t-shirts. Usually, they say something like “The ‘I Do’ Crew,” or “Bride Tribe,” and they always specify which lady is tying the knot. Are these shirts silly? Yes. Can they be costly to make? Yes. Are they really worth it? Absolutely.

Custom-made bridal party swag isn’t just about creating cute, marriage-themed rhymes. It’s about having a souvenir of your amazing trip with your friends (because let’s be honest, there are bound to be some parts you won’t remember). Besides, wearing matching outfits with your friends is just plain fun! Let your inhibitions go and wear the t-shirt, dangit.

3. Indestructible Drinkware

Another popular bachelorette party souvenir is the customized cup. Your cup can be any style, from tumblers with lids for your iced coffee in the morning or stemless wine glasses for your pre-game rosé to novelty shot glasses shaped like…well, you know what they’ll be shaped like.

You can have them printed up with your friends’ name and a cute saying (maybe the bachelorette party hashtag) for a party favor they can use again and again! And even though the type of cup you have at the party is entirely up to you, there is one little detail I’d like to suggest: GET SOMETHING SHATTERPROOF! Trust me, no one wants to spend time sweeping up glass at a bachelorette party.

4. Tasty (or Titillating) Treats

Bachelorette party cookies in the shape of diamond rings and a naked upper man's torso with a bow tie.

Every great party has to have a great menu, and bachelorette parties are no different! These shindigs are usually more about hors d’oeuvres and desserts than they are about a full, plated meal, but that doesn’t mean you can toss out a bag of chips and call it an evening! There are tons of fun recipes that will keep your guests fed and add to the party’s theme.

Put together a nice charcuterie board for a classy appetizer everyone will love. Stick diamond-shaped cutouts onto cupcakes (or donuts, if you really want to play up the “ring” look). And of course, you can always have fun with a little innuendo; frozen bananas or pigs in a blanket are a cute addition to any bachelorette party menu.

5. Hangover Kits

Whether you spend your bachelorette party club-hopping, relaxing on the beach, or simply hanging with your friends at home, it’s no secret that many ladies will indulge in a drink or two. This can make waking up the next morning a real pain (literally), which is why I believe every bachelorette party host should have some hangover kits at the ready!

Fill some goodie bags with all your hangover-care needs: a bottle of water, aspirin, maybe even a Band-aid or two. This little thank you gift is a simple one, but it just might be the thing that your girls appreciate most by the morning. After all, if they start feeling better, they just might be up for some post-bachelorette brunch—and keeping the party going is what bachelorette parties are all about!

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and have a ball with your besties. Just make sure you have everything you need!

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