5 Things Not to Do the Night Before Your Wedding

A woman relaxing the night before her wedding with a face mask on and candles in the background.

It’s the night before your wedding. Your college friends and distant relatives have checked into their hotel rooms. The rehearsal went off without a hitch and the rehearsal dinner was delicious. You’ve said goodnight to your sweetheart, knowing that the next time you see them you’ll be walking down the aisle. You have one last night as a single person…what should you do?

Honestly, you can do pretty much whatever you want. Catch up with your friends and family. Head to bed early and get a good night’s rest. Binge watch rom-coms with a pint of ice cream! You’re free to do whatever you want with your last night of unmarried life. However, if I were you, I’d avoid THESE activities.

1. Don’t Do any DIY Projects

A bride tying ribbon around a glass bottle party favor the night before her wedding.

Nothing causes mental anguish like arts and crafts projects on a deadline. If you decide to wait until the night before to make mason jar candle holders, handmade potpourri, or hand-written ceremony programs, you’re bound to spend the evening feeling tense, stressed, and angry. That’s a terrible way to spend the evening—for both you and your loved ones!

Do your best to get all your DIY projects finished well before the big day arrives. Budget your time carefully, and delegate tasks to your bridal party and family members (just be sure to ask nicely). If everyone works together, you should have your projects finished with plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourself the night before your big day.

2. Don’t Start Writing Your Vows

Have you ever watched game show contestants struggle to answer even the simplest questions? If so, you might have thought, “What’s wrong with this guy? The answer is soooo obvious!” But here’s the thing: it’s always harder to think of the right words to say when you’re on the spot. This is why it’s NEVER a good idea to wait until the last minute to write your wedding vows.

You may love your future spouse to the moon and back. You may have a million different things you love about them, and a million stories to demonstrate each of their wonderful qualities. However, if you’re forced to think of those reasons in the wee hours before your wedding day, there’s a pretty big chance you’ll come up blank. Save yourself the agony—don’t procrastinate on those vows!

3. Don’t Party too Hard

A group of women at a bachelorette party with champagne..

The night before your wedding may seem like a great time to go hog wild. After all, when else will you get to go out with your besties and live it up? While there’s nothing wrong with going out to celebrate with your friends, it’s best to avoid going too crazy. If not, you might be suffering a hangover during the happiest day of your life!

If you decide to go out the night before your wedding, make sure you drink equal amounts of water and alcohol (or even more water than alcohol) to prevent a nasty hangover. Also, make sure you’re not up all night; if you’re exhausted when you walk down the aisle, it’ll be hard to really enjoy the moment.

4. Don’t Change up Your Diet

This one may seem like a strange suggestion. The night before your wedding is a cause for celebration—why wouldn’t you want to enjoy some kind of tasty dessert or unique meal at a nice restaurant? If you’re having a destination wedding, why wouldn’t you try some of the local cuisine?

I totally understand the urge to indulge in something new on this special occasion. However, you never know which new foods will cause an allergic reaction, digestive issues, or just an upset stomach! No one wants to be suffering food poisoning on their wedding day, so just be safe and stick to foods you know.

Similarly, I wouldn’t suggest changing up your beauty routine in the days leading up to your wedding. While it may seem like a great idea to get a facial, try a chemical peel, or simply get a little sun before your wedding day, it’s best to avoid trying any new treatments or products. The last thing you want is a bad reaction to a face mask spoiling your wedding photos!

5. Don’t Sweat It!

The night before your wedding can be a very stressful one. Is everything ready to go for the big day? Will your caterer make it on time? Will a freak rainstorm ruin the ceremony? Will your partner leave you at the altar? It can be SO easy to get caught up in imagining all these doomsday scenarios. But whatever you do, try to stick to this simple rule: CHILL OUT!

Spend some time with your nearest and dearest. Unwind and try to get some rest. Do anything that will help you relax and get ready for the next day. If you do, you’ll find that the “happiest day of your life” just might be even better!

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