6 Bachelor Party Ideas that Aren’t a Strip Club

Three men skydiving above the clouds as a bachelor party celebration.

Are you planning a bachelor party for a special groom in your life? Whether you’re a friend or family, if you’ve been charged with this important task, it’s vital that you take it seriously. Coming up with ideas, however, may seem daunting.

While movies and TV shows often depict bachelor parties as crazy, last-night-of-freedom events full of insane stunts, booze, and exotic dancers, that’s not real life. Surprisingly, most grooms don’t actually want an evening like that. In fact, the “one last hurrah!” trend is quickly dying out. More and more bachelor parties are now placing a focus on bonding, excitement, and adventure instead of bad decisions and debauchery.

First, Keep These Party Planning Tips in Mind

If you’re responsible for planning or helping to plan a bachelor party, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you proceed. First and foremost, it’s really important that you respect the groom’s wishes. This is, after all, his big day. If he places boundaries on the activities, stick to them. It’s also absolutely imperative that you keep the safety of your group at the forefront of your planning efforts.

Additionally, you should be conscious of how expensive the party will be, as well as the financial situations of those who will be involved. Don’t plan events that will cost an exorbitant amount if you know some of the other groomsmen or friends can’t afford it. Just because you have the money to spend doesn’t mean everyone else does. Make sure you have a conversation with your fellow party planners and attendees before committing to expensive activities. The goal is to spend time together, not to alienate those who can’t afford to participate fully. If you’re absolutely set on something specific, consider fronting the bill for those who can’t.

So, without further ado, here are several great bachelor party ideas that aren’t a trip to the strip club!

1. Rent a Beach or Mountain House

A group of men playing beach volleyball as part of a bachelor party celebration.

Does your groom enjoy spending some leisurely time in the sun and sand? Maybe he prefers hiking and exploring the great outdoors? In either case, renting a house for the weekend is a great option and the more people who attend, the lower the price becomes. A weekend away may be exactly what your groom and the rest of the groomsmen need. Of course, you’ll need to plan for some additional activities once you arrive at your weekend destination, but this should become a little easier once you know exactly where you’re going.

2. Play with Weapons

A group of friends playing paintball as a bachelor party.

Okay, maybe “play” is the wrong word. Remember what I said about safety? It still applies. Spending time with weapons, however, can be a really good time. There are a wide variety of perfectly safe weapons-driven experiences to choose from. One great option is a trip to a shooting or archery range. Many ranges can be reserved for varying periods of time and will have plenty of gear available for rent. If that’s a little too real, maybe a friendly game of paintball is in order. Laser tag works, too. Depending on your location, you may even be able to find a bar hosting a hatchet throwing tournament. Yes, you read that right: hatchet throwing. Believe it or not, this sport is growing in popularity!

3. Go Sky Diving

Is your groom the adventurous type? If you’re looking for a truly thrilling experience, consider booking a skydiving trip. Marriage means taking a step into a brand new life, so why not celebrate this exciting new journey by experiencing something that most people will never try? This is definitely a time when knowing your crew is important. You’re sure to have a few people who simply aren’t into this idea, so be sure to include alternative options for them while you fall through the sky. Skydiving can also be expensive, so keep this in mind as you begin making training and gear rental reservations.

4. Hit an Arcade

Arcades aren’t just for kids anymore! In fact, there are more and more arcades that specifically cater to adults by offering delicious food and drinks. Spend some time reliving your childhood playing classic arcade games and trying out a few newer ones. You can easily turn the trip into a competition and attempt to beat each other’s high scores. Many arcades also have sections set aside with console games. You may be able to rent the entire facility for the day to hold your own first-person shooter or fighting game tournament.

5. Go Camping

Two men sitting around a campfire chatting as part of a bachelor party celebration.

A less expensive alternative to renting a beach or mountain house is camping. Try leaving the hustle and bustle behind for a weekend and rough it instead! Spending time in nature can be an incredible experience when shared with a group of friends. You can enjoy a couple hiking trips, fishing, delicious grilled food, and a couple nights just hanging out around a fire. If you’re really feeling adventurous, planning a backpacking trip could be a lot of fun, too!

6. Stay Home and Relax

A group of men having a relaxing bachelor party sitting on a deck and grilling food.

If you’re looking for a bachelor party solution that’s cheap and easy, then just plan an epic backyard barbecue weekend! Spend some of that saved cash on steaks, seafood, and drinks you know your groom loves. If you’ve got some yard space, plan to spend time enjoying a few outdoor games and don’t forget a great playlist.

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