6 Great Groomsman Gifts

A groomsman gift wrapped with kraft paper and a blue bow, against a wood background.

It’s likely that the men you’ve chosen to take part in your big day are extremely important to you. Whether they’re family or friends, they’ve obviously made a big impact on your life. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have asked them to be in your wedding. When you take into consideration just how much these men have done to support you over the years and how much they will support you over the next months (and beyond!), it’s important to express your gratitude appropriately.

Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with giving your groomsmen different presents; nowhere is it written that they must all be the same! If you choose this route, however, keep in mind pricing. Don’t spend an exorbitant amount on one and significantly less on the others. Alternatively, you can always choose to select matching gifts for all of your groomsmen.

Regardless of which option you feel is best for your particular situation, grooms often base their gift selection on activities their groomsmen enjoy most. Budget and utility are also important factors to consider. As a result, developing ideas and then narrowing down the options may seem like a daunting task, but don’t let it overwhelm you! Here are six great groomsmen gifts to consider.

1. Beverage Containers

A pair of copper mugs given as a groomsman gift with a cocktail in them.

If your groomsmen enjoy a beer or cocktail from time to time, one gift option is glassware. You can’t go wrong with a quality beer mug or cocktail glass. Potential options include pint glasses, stemware, mugs, and flasks. Base your selection on the men in your party. If they prefer liquor, whiskey or rum decanters may be fitting. Is beer more their style? Consider purchasing custom pilsner glasses or growlers.

The container doesn’t have to be intended for alcoholic beverages, however. There are a number of other useful options including coffee containers and unique water bottles. Take some time to really think about which items would be most appreciated and frequently used by your groomsmen before making your final selection.

2. Men’s Fashion Accessories

Accessories aren’t only for the bride and bridesmaids. There are many fashionable accessories that make excellent gifts for groomsmen as well. Some options include watches, cufflinks, belts, handkerchiefs, and tie bars. Many couples decide to incorporate gifts like these into their ceremony. If, for example, you buy your groomsmen matching ties, consider selecting a color they can wear the day of your wedding. This kind of gift is also perfect for working professionals.

3. Luggage

A small piece of leather luggage given as a groomsman gift.

Another great option is baggage—but not the emotional kind! A small but sturdy travel bag can be the perfect addition to any groomsman’s closet. This gift is extremely functional, especially for men who travel often or may just use an old backpack to transport their items. While getting all of your groomsmen a complete luggage set may be a tad expensive, opting for a duffel, computer messenger, briefcase, or toiletry bag is just as effective. Alternatively, consider buying a nice day pack or sturdy cooler bag for the outdoorsmen.

4. Sharp Objects

What man doesn’t like a sharp object or two? There are far too many knife options and designs to mention, which makes it easy to pick one that’s tailored to the interests of your groomsmen. Large display pieces are sure to draw attention and it’s easy enough to have them engraved. You might also consider a multi-tool or stylish letter opener. Yet another option is a straight razor grooming kit, which is classy, unique, and functional.

5. Cards and Dice

Poker chips and playing cards given as a groomsman gift.

Games aren’t just for nerds anymore. In fact, gaming of all kinds has swept the nation. Fortunately, there’s just about something fun for everyone. If your groomsmen like gambling, they may enjoy a nice gaming case that includes cards and chips. These packs will often provide everything your groomsmen would need to host their own game night. If you happen to have friends on the geekier end of the spectrum, however, a quality dice or card box may be more appropriate. Dice, dice towers, card sleeves, and card mats are other great options.

6. Technology

While potentially expensive, technology makes a great groomsmen gift. This genre of gift could include headphones, smart watches, and everything in between. The price tag on these items may be high, but technology gifts are always a big hit. Remember, however, to keep in mind who you are buying for and what they may already own.

Bonus Groomsmen Gifting Tip: Whatever gift you ultimately choose for your groomsmen, consider having it professionally engraved. Including their initials or name on the item somewhere is a great way to make a uniform gift special. Engraving is readily available and relatively inexpensive.

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