6 Relaxing Bachelorette Party Destinations

A group of four girls on a bachelorette party walking on a sandy beach.

The stereotype of a bachelorette weekend is very focused on the celebration: sometimes to the exclusion of sleep! While there is some definite fun to a no-holds-barred bachelorette party weekend, many brides are hoping for something that fits their easy-going personality. If your real aim is to explore and relax with your best friends, don’t be forced into making your bachelorette weekend a wild weekend in Las Vegas. Instead, try one of these destinations.

1. Savannah, Georgia

A sidewalk in Savannah, Georgia, with ivy and mossy trees.

Savannah is known for its beautiful stately squares, but it also represents a perfect location if you and your ladies just want a weekend of delicious food, casual strolling around lovely scenery, and convenient access to the beach. The old architecture and oak trees covered in Spanish moss will help to cement your visit in the your and your friends’ memories. It’s also a fairly easy drive from many of the Southern states (and accessible via airplane if folks are flying in from farther away). The weather can be a bit humid, but is often sunny and very temperate in the fall and winter.

2. Portland, Oregon

Portland’s green spaces are legendary, as are the vibrant small businesses and quirky shops of the Hawthorne District. If your bridesmaids are more alternative, spend your bachelorette party taking in a film with a slice of pizza at the Baghdad Theatre, enjoying the craft beer scene, and exploring Forest Park on one of the clear days. Be aware that weather isn’t always sunny, but a great brunch will more than make up for a little drizzle. Portland is also perfect for public transportation buffs; if you want to be able to easily take the bus or light rail to and from your lodgings, this is the city for you.

3. Sedona, Arizona

People riding mountain bikes in Sedona, Arizona.

The canyons and other natural landscape features are only the beginning of the splendor of Sedona. It’s also known as a spa destination: select a beautiful spa that allows you to take in the lovely scenery while receiving relaxing massages. If you aren’t much for sitting still, you can get your relaxation through natural beauty on the Cathedral Rock Trail or while exploring the canyons and forests. Unlike most other areas of the country, Arizona is a great option if you want to get outside for a little bit, but also balance your time with some pampering and calm enjoyment. For those who are daunted by the heat potential, remember the benefit of dry heat as opposed to humidity, and that the evenings can even be surprisingly cool at times of the year.

4. Charlottesville, Virginia

This college town makes for a great mid-Atlantic destination. Not only is the town bustling with great bars and restaurants for catch-up time with your friends, but the surrounding area contains many beautiful wineries that you can visit to survey the beautiful mountains and try the local vintage. The autumn leaves are incredibly beautiful, so if your bachelorette party falls easily on an October weekend, this is a great option. Enjoy a drink at one of the speakeasies downtown, and make sure you stop by IX Art Park if you like unusual art exhibits or Monticello for a little history of one of the Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson.

5. Aspen, Colorado

A resort in a Aspen, Colorado, with wood cabins and snow.

Skiing may rarely be the name of the game for bachelorette parties, but it simply shouldn’t be that way. Not only is skiing fun and exciting, but nights at the lodge cozied up in a soft sweater with a cup of hot cocoa can be a wonderful way to bond with your bridesmaids. Colorado’s mountains are an arrestingly gorgeous option, especially if you want a winter bachelorette party anyway to take advantage of snowy sports. Just make sure you plan ahead in the case of big snowstorms so you don’t end up with any cancelled flights.

6. The Florida Keys

Even though Key West is thought to be a major party destination, the Keys can be a great option for some real relaxation as well! Find a calm beach, explore natural wildlife, or just rent a house with a gorgeous view so that you and your bridesmaids can really get some quality time together. If you head to Miami, great restaurants and spas await you so that you can get a world-class meal and a cool mud mask all in the same day. Florida is famous for its great weather, though of course keep an eye out if your bachelorette party lands in the middle of hurricane season!

Rather than focusing on going out all night with the drinking and the funny outfits and the spectacle, why not focus on things that you actually love? Whether you enjoy outdoor time, eclectic shops, a beautiful spa, or a pristine beach, all of these bachelorette weekends will leave your friends thanking you for building a real vacation into your bachelorette party.

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