7 Fitness and Wellness Bachelorette Parties

Two women sitting in a sauna and relaxing at a bachelorette party.

Bachelorette parties typically consist of cocktails, dancing, and general debauchery (it is your last hurrah as a single lady, after all). But for those brides who aren’t interested in taking shots all night, there are plenty of fitness and wellness-oriented alternatives that are perfect for your special night. Here are some of our favorite options if the traditional bachelorette party is off the table for you.

1. Go to a Bathhouse Spa

Long gone are the days where a community needs a public bathhouse (thank goodness), but the modern bathhouse is a luxurious and fun form of self-care. You can find bathhouse spas in bigger cities around the country where there are many thermal baths, steam rooms and aromatherapy. Some bathhouse spas also have massage therapy, facials, and other typical spa services. Relaxation is the main benefit of going to a bathhouse, but it also detoxifies your skin, exfoliates your body, and improves your circulation.

2. Take a Special Studio Class

A woman at an aerial silks class as part of a bachelorette party.

Ask your bridesmaids to take a spin class for your bachelorette party and they might not be too thrilled, but mention an aerial silks class or a crash course in the art of the trapeze and they’ll hop right on board. There are plenty of interesting and fun fitness classes that are perfect for your group of ladies—from skyrobics to SUP (standup paddle board) yoga to Bollywood dancing. You can even find unique fitness opportunities like goat yoga or pilates in a local brewery. While you may be switching out your party dresses for yoga pants, it’s sure to be a bachelorette party your friends won’t soon forget.

3. Travel to a Wellness Resort

It’s becoming more common to travel for a bachelorette party (especially when groups of friends live miles or states apart), but if partying in Vegas or boot scootin’ in Nashville isn’t exactly your thing, you might consider booking travel to a wellness resort. At a wellness resort you can start your day with a healthy breakfast followed by a morning yoga session and end with a relaxing massage in the privacy of your own room.

There are plenty of wellness resorts and spas throughout the country, but some notable ones include the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa in Paradise Valley, Arizona, and the Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, Texas. So, pack your bags with your robe and slippers and prepare to relax all of your wedding planning cares away.

4. Hang out in a Salt Cave

Two women sitting in a salt cave at a bachelorette party.

Salt caves vary in scope and size, but they are essentially buildings that have walls made entirely of Himalayan salt bricks and the floors are made up of pink salt rocks. The idea of a salt cave is to have a mini detox session where you breathe in salt-infused air to remove pollens, viruses, toxins, and other pollutants from the body. The benefits of a salt cave session are said to include reducing inflammation, clearing the lungs, and drawing out toxins. If you live nearby a salt cave, call and ask to see what their group rates are and whether or not they offer any special wellness packages.

5. Set up a Private Spa Party

Not interested in traveling to a wellness weekend out in the desert? Bring the spa to you instead! Contact your local salons, spas, and wellness centers to inquire about booking a private party for you and all your friends in the comfort of your own living room. Because what’s better than getting a pedi on your own comfy couch? Nothing.

If an in-house spa appointment isn’t available or is too pricey for your party, then DIY it by setting up mani and pedi stations, make some bath bombs at your kitchen table, and have a space for applying face masks. Be sure to make it a party by providing your guests some snacks, a light dinner, and maybe a bottle or two of your favorite wine.

6. Participate in a 5K

A group of women participating in a 5K as a bachelorette party.

Act out your inner Julia Roberts as a runaway bride during a local race. Have all your friends sign up for the same race and make it fun by planning coordinating costumes (we’re thinking something along the lines of ’80s Vegas bride and a team of bridesmaids). Even if your friends are all at different fitness levels, a 5k is a race that most can complete with relative ease—and you can always choose to walk the course if need be.

7. Play a Team Sport

Are you and your friends ultra competitive? You might want to use your bachelorette party as an opportunity to battle it out on the court or the field with a friendly game of basketball, soccer, football, or volleyball. Want to make the competition steeper? Challenge your future husband or wife’s friends to a game or two before you head your separate ways for the night.

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