7 Great Groomsmen Gifts

A groom holding a ribbon-wrapped gift for one of his groomsmen.

It’s awesome to have your best friends stand beside you and celebrate your wedding day, and you want to make sure they feel appreciated for doing so. But what are the best gifts for a groomsman? There are many ways you could go about deciding this, including your budget, type of activities they enjoy, and how much time you actually have before the big day. Keeping all of these things in mind, here are eight great gift ideas for your groomsmen.

1. Dopp Kit

Sometimes the best gifts are the most useful and practical, and a nice dopp kit definitely fits this bill. One of the great things about choosing a dopp kit for your gift is that you can adjust it to suit your budget. You could buy relatively inexpensive ones and fill them with travel size items they will need for the big day, like fancy shave oil and a fresh razor. Or if you’d rather go with a higher budget, you can up the ante and get leather ones with their name or initials on them. This gift is also perfect if your men are traveling for the wedding and will need to bring a travel bag with them anyway; mail it out before the big day so they can use it when they pack for their trip.

2. Liquor

A liquor bottle in a wood gift box.

A gift centered around alcohol is the quintessential present for your groomsmen. This could run the gamut of anything from whiskey cubes or copper mugs to personalized shot glasses or beer mugs. (Not to mention bottles of their drink of choice.) This is a great gift for any budget, as you can choose to go as fancy or lavish as you want, or keep it a little more budget-friendly.

3. Subscription Service

These days there are subscription services for everything from coffee or cocktails to razors and more! If you’re unsure about what to get your group, or you know they wouldn’t all like the same type of thing, this is the perfect solution. It’s also a very budget-friendly idea because you can decide how long the subscription will last. Many subscriptions services will allow you to choose any time period from one month to a year or more, so you can perfectly customize it to fit your needs and budget.

4. Watch

A blue-suited man checking his watch.

Sometimes it can be a great idea to give the members of your wedding party a gift that they’ll be able to use both for your wedding and afterward, which is what makes a watch a great choice here. Depending on their style, you could choose a classic metal wristwatch or go a little bold with a wood design. You could even choose something a little more out of the box like a pocket watch, which you could get engraved with each of their names or initials. A watch is a stylish, practical gift to give your groomsmen that they will be able to use for years after your celebration.

5. Wallet or Money Clip

Along the same lines of the watch is a wallet or a money clip, depending on the taste of your group of guys. A brand new wallet is often something people don’t think to get for themselves and it’s an especially great gift if you’re going for something a little more understated and classy for your groomsmen.

6. Grilling Set

A grilling tools set.

If your groomsmen are more into BBQing than fashion, a grilling set will be the perfect gift. These come in all styles and colors and can be personalized exactly to the tools your friends will use, depending on what they like to cook. You can make a grilling set special by getting them in personalized wood boxes with engraved names or initials.

7. Groomsman Gift Set

Similar to a “Will you be my bridesmaid?” box for a bridesmaid, consider a gift set for your groomsmen that includes small items like a pocket square or tie to wear for the wedding, small bottles of their favorite type of alcohol, a pocket knife or other small useful item, and a flask or personalized cup for the big day. These are something you can make yourself or purchase premade, can be catered exactly to your budget, and can be adapted to suit each individual man in your group. If you just can’t decide on one big gift, perhaps a box of several smaller items is the perfect solution!

There are many gift options out there for your groomsmen. Take the time to consider their tastes and your budget and they’ll be sure to love whatever you choose!

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