7 Ways to Surprise Your Groom at Your Wedding

A bride and groom.

Without a doubt your groom will remember your wedding day for the rest of his life. But pulling off a sweet, thoughtful surprise that will knock his socks off? Well, that’s the kind of beautiful detail that will stick out in your significant other’s mind for a long time to come. After all, everyone loves a romantic surprise from the one they love. If you’re thinking of gifting your sweetheart with a special something on your wedding day, here are some of the best ways to surprise your groom.

1. Sing Your Vows

Are you musically inclined? Do you love writing songs? You could write your vows as a song and sing it to him either a cappella or with the help of someone accompanying you on piano or guitar, for example. Or, you could pull a Taylor Swift and sing it with a guitar yourself. Not musical? Let your creativity take over your vows. Maybe you write a poem or a cute rap song. As long as it’s personal and unique to your relationship and true to who you are, he will love it.

2. Leave Him a Love Note

A young woman outside writing a letter to her fiance.

Leave him a handwritten letter about all the reasons why you love him and why you’re so excited to be his wife. You might also want to detail everything you’re thinking and feeling about your wedding, and share with him why you’re so sure he’s the one for you. You could also list all your favorite things about him, like how he makes your coffee in the morning or how he always texts you on his lunch break.

3. Send Him Sexy Photos

Give your groom a taste of what’s to come on the honeymoon by sending him some sexy pics in the morning. The shots could be done from a professional in a tasteful boudoir shoot or they could be something that’s reflective of your personal and intimate relationship. It’ll definitely stick in his mind all day long!

4. Plan a Moment Away Together

A bride and groom having a moment alone at their wedding.

Your wedding day is going to be busy with lots of people to see and talk to, which is why it’s important to have some alone time together to let it all sink in and process the momentous occasion with just the two of you. Ask the venue ahead of time if there’s a picturesque and private place you can escape to for a few minutes. Maybe you could arrange some champagne to be waiting for you. He will appreciate the gesture.

5. Practice a Fun Dance Routine

Surprise your groom with a fun dance routine that will really knock him sideways. Have you ever joked about reenacting the scene from “Dirty Dancing”? Or maybe you have two left feet but you want to impress him with your new smooth moves? It’s not only a fun surprise for him, but it’ll energize the crowd to get on the dance floor, too.

6. Wear a Garter He’ll Love

Just because garters are traditional doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Get creative and personal with yours. Maybe it’s in his favorite color or in a style that he really likes. Maybe it reflects one of his hobbies, like movies, sports, or a favorite comic book character.

7. Give Him Personalized Cufflinks

This is a sweet gesture that he will be able to enjoy not only on his wedding day but for any other special occasion. You can either go classy and monogram them, or maybe you make it fun by getting him cufflinks bearing a favorite hobby, movie, or sports team. He’ll love it because they’re from you, and because he’s literally wearing his heart on his sleeve.

There are many ways to surprise your groom on your wedding day. By keeping it intimate and personal, you’re sure to create a lasting impression that will make the day that much sweeter for him.

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