8 Fun Ways to Ask Your Friends to Be Bridesmaids

A bride and her bridesmaids sitting on the dock of a lake wearing matching shirts that say "team bride."

If you weren’t the one to kneel down before your significant other, here’s your chance to step into their shoes. Except, of course, in your case you’ll be proposing to your bridesmaids instead! In terms of the hierarchy of all wedding guests, the bridesmaids rank pretty high up. Not to mention that they’ll have many duties including helping you plan the big day and easing your stress when things get tough. Therefore, it’s important to make a statement with your “proposal” and recognize how special each person is to you.

A bridesmaids proposal doesn’t have to be as elaborate as some marriage proposals, though. There are plenty of fun ways to pop the question that are unique and memorable without spending too much time, money, or sanity. Feel free to mix and match any of these suggestions to plan your perfect moment!

1. Keep it Simple with Snail Mail

A notecare and envelope surrounded by pink flowers and leaves.

Do you want to approach each of your girls individually, but don’t have the time? Consider keeping things (somewhat) simple by sending a letter, postcard, or gift in the mail. There are many unique card options including riddles, puzzles, or lottery-like scratch cards, that will propose the question of “Will you be my bridesmaid?” for you. You can also choose something that matches the theme or destination of your wedding, perhaps providing them with a sneak peek into your plans.

2. …Or Something not so Simple

One much-loved idea is having your bridesmaids-to-be pop a balloon filled with confetti, glitter, and a secret proposal. You’re unlikely to be able to send a balloon through the mail, but you can make a personal delivery, or try this when you gather all the girls together.

3. Add a Personal Touch

If snail mail seems too impersonal, then try adding a personal touch. There is no rule that each bridesmaid invite has to be the same. Try writing a short message that will make an emotional impact on your bridesmaid-to-be. In addition, you can attach a favorite photo of you two together. For a casual alternative, send out a postcard with a picture of a place you’ve traveled together or another memory you share.

4. Say it with Sweets

Add a sweet touch by presenting your girls with homemade cookies or cupcakes. If you’re good with icing, you can even write your proposal directly on the dessert. Of course, if you weren’t born with a chef gene, you can also call a local baker to do the job for you. Fortune cookies are excellent for this, as you can write anything you want on the fortune inside, including, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

5. Gifts and Treats

A pair of hands holding a small wrapped gift box surrounded by confetti.

Is paper too simple for you? Then add a gift basket alongside, perhaps one with essentials they’ll appreciate in the wedding prep process. A nail polish, lip gloss, or even spa certificate will definitely come in handy. A bottle of wine and champagne can’t hurt, either. In fact, a bridesmaid gift basket are quite popular and many companies sell them to make it easier on busy brides. Feel free to purchase a basic one and then add your own personal touches to them. Some brides will use this moment to present their girls with a “Team Bride” style of gift, such as a custom-printed t-shirt or other accessory; think of something you would see people wearing at a bachelorette party.

6. To Have and to Hold

Makeup and cookies may come and go, but a piece of jewelry, let alone a customized one, will send a strong message about your devotion to their friendship. You don’t have to overspend on something extraordinary, but it definitely makes a statement to give each of your girls a piece of jewelry that will be unique to them. In an up and coming trend, brides are choosing this with the wedding in mind. Ideally, the piece should be something all your bridesmaids will wear at the wedding. This can tie the look together even if your girls don’t have matching dresses.

7. Girls’ Day Out

If you’d like to address everyone at once, why not invite all of them out to brunch, drinks, or dinner—but send them on a treasure hunt along the way. Try to keep it anonymous and secret, or if you invite them directly, don’t tell them why they are coming. Instead, prepare a toast or short speech to make your announcement once they’re all there and had a glass of champagne or two.

8. Take it from Tom Cruise

You might remember how passionate Tom Cruise was when he declared his love for Katie Holmes on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Although some people viewed it as a bit over-the-top, you can take some inspiration from the situation, for sure. Make your proposal a public event by posting a video to your social media platforms. For a special touch, mention each of your girls by name and give a short but heartfelt reason for why their “yes” will mean the world to you.

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