8 Things to Schedule in the Run-Up to Your Wedding

A bride and groom holding hands and running across a crosswalk in a city.

Clearly, no two weddings are the same, so you may or may not feel this way, but a lot of brides discover that their wedding week feels a bit like a runaway train. This is not to say that things are going poorly, but that they are happening in rapid succession without much time to transition between them. A good way to combat the effect of one’s wedding week (or just the days before the wedding) going by at breakneck speed is to schedule in time for the things you care about. If you’ve committed, for instance, to take a walk with your spouse-to-be, or to getting your hair curled perfectly, you are less likely to just say “oh well” and ditch something you care about in order to keep making DIY napkin holders. You still want to be involved in the moment-by-moment things that come up in the run-up to your big day, but consider scheduling these eight items sometime in that week before. You may just end up glad you did!

1. A Final Meeting with the Wedding Planner or Day-Of Coordinator

Less involved weddings can do this with just a phone call, but it might be worth it to plan ahead of time to meet your wedding planner or day-of coordinator the week of the wedding. This is a way better time to mention a surprise guest, the need for something to entertain your family’s young kids, or anything else that could mean the wedding isn’t “business as planned.” Ask for their tips and experience, too: they may have a great time-saving or stress-reducing suggestion!

2. Time with Your Spouse-to-Be Without Wedding Talk

A woman and man drinking coffee in a coffee shop.

This could just be breakfast together, or could be as big as a t-minus-one-week dinner and stargazing date, but give both yourself and your spouse a solid quantity of time where you talk to each other about something other than wedding details. If you have to, get all your wedding updates out in the first 15 minutes and then take a full hour to just talk to them about other things or experience something you love together! It may feel irrelevant to the tasks at hand, but you’d be surprised by how calm you’ll feel afterward.

3. Hair Appointments

This is pure practicality: plan to spend more time than you need at the salon or with your hairstyling family member. Expect that there might be a re-do, or plan to do a “practice run” with your current length and thickness of hair. You want to know that you are getting the look you want. While a slightly off wedding hairstyle isn’t the worst thing that could happen, you don’t want to be distracted on your big day!

4. Time with Friends Beyond the Wedding Events

A group of friends eating pizza together.

Realistically, you have great friends coming into town, but during the rehearsal and wedding you will probably spend only a little bit of time with each person. If there is someone who will be in town ahead of time and you want to see them, bug them for coffee or have them run errands with you or just keep you company while you craft. That time will mean a lot to them and will help you feel like you really got the most out of getting all your loved ones together at once.

5. A Manicure, Pedicure, or Both

Mani-pedi appointments hit a bunch of great wedding week list items: relaxation, time with friends or family, and getting gorgeous for your big day! Combine these and schedule them in advance so that no amount of catering phone calls can get in the way of you getting a little chill time at the salon.

6. Pick-up or Drop-off for Flowers

A florist putting together bouquets for a wedding.

More so than other vendors, flowers usually need to be delivered during a tight window or picked up. Figure out who will do it and when, and make sure that person is on it so you don’t have to think about it when all the folks you love are arriving.

7. Time for an Inventory and Checklist Run-Down

Give yourself the space to make sure that all the stuff you need for the wedding is in the right place and ready to go. Check your list like Santa Claus so that you don’t need to run out for more raffia or lace last-minute. Obviously, some last-minute things may happen, but give yourself the peace of mind you can now!

8. Alone Time!

If your wedding is like mine, it will be the weekend when you speak the most you ever do in your life. It’s not bad, but it can be a little overwhelming! Try to give yourself some time to just yourself: for a book, for a silly movie, or for a nice jog. Do something that is entirely for you, storing up that solitude for this wild and fun wedding you have coming. You’ll be glad you did.

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