8 Things You Must Do the Week Before Your Wedding

A bride trying on her wedding dress with  someone buttoning up the back.

It’s finally here: You’re actually going to get married! But before you walk down the aisle and seal the deal, you have about a million things to do before it’s all said and done. While most of the major preparation has been completed at this point, you need to keep your head in the game and finish strong as you wrap up those small, last-minute details that help pull everything together.

When you’re looking at about a week out before your wedding, here are eight must-do things you’ll need to accomplish before you say “I do.”

1. Try on Your Wedding Day Attire

You’ll always remember the day you picked out your wedding dress and just how perfect it looked, but when is the last time you actually tried it on? To avoid any wardrobe malfunctions or panicked, last-minute phone calls to a seamstress, try on all of your wedding day attire (in secret, of course!) with all of your accessories to make sure everything is fitting well and that there aren’t any snags or busted zippers.

2. Follow Up with Your Vendors

A young woman sitting on the floor of her living room and looking at her phone.

The week before your wedding is when the event starts to take shape: your relatives will start to arrive from out of town, you’ll pick up the marriage license, and your vendors will start to make final preparations for their portion of the evening. While nine times out of 10 your vendors will be responsible and update you on their status and confirm what time they need to arrive to the venue—you can’t always rely on them to take the wheel.

Take the time this week to follow up with all of your vendors and confirm that they have everything they need from you as well as give any special instructions for your wedding ceremony or reception (such as where they need to set up and who they’ll need to check in with when they arrive). This is also the time to tie up any loose ends for payments and to double- and triple-check that they know what time they are supposed to arrive. Trust us: the more work you do upfront on this, the less likely it is that you’ll be calling their cell phone from the reception hall bathroom asking flaky vendors where they are.

3. Make Sure Everything Is Legal

You’re getting married in a week, which means that at some point you’ll need to head down to city hall and pick up your marriage license. Unsure of where to do this? Research your city government’s website and find out where you’ll need to get this, what documents you’ll need to bring, and what hours they’re open.

Remember, if you don’t have your marriage license ready before the ceremony, your marriage ceremony will be purely ceremonial and not legally binding. Don’t forget this important task (and also don’t forget to snap a sweet selfie right after you’ve obtained it).

4. Pack Your Suitcase

An open red suitcase with some summer vacation items in it.

You may not be heading straight to your honeymoon from the reception, but you’ll still need to pack a bag—even if you’ll just be gone for the day. If you’re getting married locally, the last thing you want to do is be driving back and forth between your house and the ceremony space, which is why it’s crucial to have everything you need readily accessible.

At least a few days before your wedding, take the time to carefully pack your bags with everything you’ll need for your hair, makeup, lingerie, and your “getting ready” outfit. You’ll also need to pack up any bridesmaid, groomsmen, and ring bearer/flower girl gifts so you can distribute those out as you’re getting ready.

5. Make a Schedule

When it comes to weddings, you have to expect the unexpected—but that doesn’t mean that you should go into your wedding day completely unprepared and not knowing what will come next. Draw out a loose schedule of events for the rehearsal dinner and wedding day so that you know exactly when things are supposed to happen and when vendors are supposed to arrive.

6. Keep Your Beauty Routine Exactly the Same

A young woman washing her face in front of a bathroom mirror.

You may love to mix up your beauty routine regularly, but the week of your wedding is not the time to do this. Trying out a new moisturizer, face mask, or exfoliator may sound like a nice, relaxing time—but it won’t be if you find out you’re allergic to the product and you’re swelled and blotchy right before you walk down the aisle. Keep things nice and simple by sticking to your regular beauty routine.

7. Fit in a Mani/Pedi

You’ll be texting and emailing like crazy this week, so it makes sense to take a break and polish up those fingers (and toes) while you have the chance. Fit in a mani/pedi with all of your bridesmaids, your mom, mother-in-law, and anyone else who could use a chance to relax and primp right before the big day.

8. Try to Relax

A woman getting a massage surrounded by candles.

It may seem like a tall order, but in the week leading up to your wedding it’s important to find time to relax. Go on a date night with your future spouse, take in a movie with some friends, or spend time with your family. Whatever you can do to relax and enjoy the moment will help you stay focused on what’s really important: all the love that’s surrounding this event.

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