Bachelorette Parties: Are the Classy Ones or Trashy Ones More Fun?

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So you’re planning a bachelorette party. Do you know what kind of bachelorette party to throw? It can be difficult to know what’s best, especially when it’s all on you and not the bride. You want to please your bride, but you also want the party to be awesome. What if she says no strippers or you’re worried she’s a little too shy for the suggestive décor? How do you decide whether to go classy or trashy? Either way, the party can be super fun, but you do have to make a decision first. There are some pros and cons to both the classy and the trashy. Of course, if all else fails, show this to the bride and make her choose!

Keep It Clean and Classy

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When I say classy bachelorette party, I mean the party does not consist of extreme amounts of alcohol, sexually suggestive décor, or police officers carrying boom boxes (i.e. strippers). These classy type parties will usually include other plans. For instance, the party might take place at a winery where the guests will enjoy a wine tasting. Some might not include alcohol at all, especially if the bride doesn’t drink. These parties can definitely be fun; I went to a paintball bachelorette once and had a blast.

There are a lot of benefits to a classy bachelorette party, like the fact that going classy means you could even do a combined bachelor/bachelorette where all the guys and gals party together in one big wedding group. This way all the guests get a chance to get to know each other before the big day.

And of course, classy doesn’t necessarily mean boring. A classy bachelorette party could be the chance to do something really cool the bride has been dying to do. Maybe she wants to go rock climbing but hasn’t gotten up the courage, or she wants to take a pottery class, but you have to be in a group to take the class.

Some guests, or maybe all, will love that you’ve planned something different, especially if you’ve got family members attending. It honestly depends on the people on the guest list. A lot of people are uncomfortable around strippers, and although watching people get uncomfortable around strippers can be hilarious on its own, it’s something to think about. Overall, the bride’s comfort is the most crucial. You want everyone to have fun, but if the bride’s not having fun, you’ve lost the game.

Try a Bit O’ Trashy Fun

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A trashy bachelorette party is all genitalia, genitalia everywhere, and booze, maybe some dancing, and possibly adult entertainment. It’s wild and raunchy and what some would consider a “traditional” bachelorette party. The whole concept of the bachelorette party is that it’s the last big party for the bride as a single woman. It’s a fun way to celebrate the single years with a bang.

Fun is truly the word to pay attention to here; a trashy bachelorette party can be extremely fun and funny. The dirty jokes, the hilarious games, the whole thing can be a riot. Even though the trashy bachelorette party is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is sort of expected because of the whole tradition thing. So, you want to keep in mind that the guests might be expecting a trashier party. Whether you want to let that affect your decision is up to you.

A trashy bachelorette party can certainly be the best for the bride. It’s her last hurrah, and a trashy party can give her the chance to get wild and truly feel like she’s had her last big single lady party. The guests might also be longing for a chance to get crazy. Although some people hate on it, the trashy bachelorette is a viable option. Just as with a classy party, it all depends on your guests and your bride and what you think would be best for everyone.

Classy and Trashy: A Clever Mix

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Classy or trashy? If you’re still going back and forth, why not do both? This is an excellent solution if the bachelorette guest list is a mixed crowd. You could start the night off with a classy event then let things go a little crazy later on. Just be honest and let everyone know that one event will be classy and the other trashy; that way those who are just not comfortable with the trashy party scene can still be a part of something. It’s a nice mix of the two, classy and trashy, that lends itself to a bigger group which might include people who aren’t comfortable with both.

A bachelorette party should be fun, that’s it. As long as you follow your bride’s wishes, take the guests into consideration, and let everyone know what’s going to happen ahead of time, then you’re set. All you have to do is provide the good time and hopefully no one will raise a stink about how they’re not into what you’ve planned. It’s a bit easier if you know all the people on the guest list and they’re your friends. If you don’t know the guests that well or at all, ask the bride what she thinks the guests would like best. I know no matter what style bachelorette you throw, classy, trashy, or both, it will be a fantastic time.

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