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Bridal Shower Gifts and Games

As if I haven’t mentioned it enough, I loved my shower and I loved all the little details. I don’t know how MOH Copper and the other ladies came up with or found half of this stuff, but these super cute and customizable bridal shower gifts and games are too good not to share!

First up: gifts. It seems that the norm for bridal showers is to buy off of the couple’s wedding registry, which I’m totally game with. There’s nothing better than ripping open some wrapping paper and discovering a much needed new toaster or fancy matching dish set.

bride opening shower gifts

I feel so grown up with my matchy dishes!

However, I personally believe that there is something to be said about getting non-registry gifts. I know not everyone is as OK with this idea as I am, but honestly? Some of my favorite gifts were non-registry gifts!

For example, MOH Copper got me a “special moments” wine basket (that may have a more official name, but that’s what I’m calling it).

bride opening gift basket

wine basket bridal shower gift

Each bottle of wine had a little tag, designating it for a specific time or event to be used. Each tag also had the cutest little poem on it.

wedding night bridal shower gift tag

first fight bridal shower gift tag

first dinner party bridal shower gift tag

christmas eve bridal shower gift tag

first anniversary bridal shower gift tag

I’ve seen other bees talk about this kind of gift before, but as a bride actually receiving it, I’m going to tell you that it’s an awesome gift to get. If you’re thinking about it, do it! (My ladies also took it one step further and included little note cards for us to open throughout the months/years ahead…I can’t wait to get my hands on those, eventually!)

Next up in my list of favorite bridal shower gifts and games is the absolutely precious and heartfelt little fox print I shared with you previously from my step-mom. Yes, I’m showing it to you again because I LOVE IT THAT MUCH.

custom art with two cartoon foxes

Now I know we all don’t have little blogger monikers that we go by, but almost every couple has something that they particularly relate to, whether it be food or an animal or a video game, etc. If you know what that special something is for a couple, why not commemorate it with a little drawing or print? I’m telling you, I didn’t know how much I wanted this little print until I got it. Such a wonderful, unique gift!!

Moving on, we have the wedding-day emergency kit that I think I’ve talked about a bajillion times. Always a good idea in my opinion, especially when packaged in a cute Vera Bradley travel case.

vera bradley bridal shower gift

wedding day emergency kit

Another cute non-registry gift? The Here Comes the Bride box from Birchbox that I got in the mail from my friend Meg, who couldn’t make it to the shower! This was one of my favorite things of all of the bridal shower gifts and games.

birchbox gift box

red box with white tissue paper

birchbox bride gift box

birchbox bridal gift box

I was beyond thrilled when I opened this little box up…it’s genius!! And I will totes-magotes use everything in it. Lurve.

Last but not least, we have the recipe cards that MOH Copper included in the invites and had everyone fill out before the party. I now have the beginnings of my very own recipe book!

handwritten recipes

I mean, with recipes called things like “Impossible Bacon Pie” and “Gooey Coconut Dream Bars,” how could you go wrong?! Also, that BBQ venison recipe up there? Legit. I haven’t had it since I was a kid, and I am SO excited to try it out again!

OK, enough with the gifts. Let’s move on to games!!

The first one we played was a “How Well Do You Know the Bride?” questionnaire. Basic, but still fun…and whoever got the most right won a fun little gift!

how well do you know the bride bridal shower game

I have to tell you, it was hysterical hearing some people’s answers to these questions; two people even said my favorite book was the Bible. I mean, I know my parents are pastors, but…no. Sorry, Mom.

Next up was the purse game. Another standard, but they had some good stuff on the list, and I think my mom ended up winning this one! (She’s also likely the only person with a photo of me in her wallet, so that helped.)

what is in your purse bridal shower game

Last but most certainly not least in my list of favorite bridal shower gifts and games was the best. game. ever. MOH Copper read the excerpt below, and every time she said LEFT or RIGHT, you had to pass the prize around the table you were sitting at in that direction.

bridal shower gifts and games

I honestly have no idea what she actually said…I was so focused on passing the prize and getting confused about what direction I had to go in that it completely went over my head. Either way, it was a super fun and incredibly entertaining game!!

Thus ends the bridal shower gifts and games highlight reel of my shower. Are you a fan of non-registry gift items? What was the best (or worst) one you received?

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