Creating City and Activity Guides for Wedding Guests

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Whether you’re getting married in a tiny town or a huge city, out-of-town wedding guests can find fun things to do while they wait for the big event. Some guests hop on a plane, traveling across the country knowing nothing about your area. It’s a great idea to create a city and activity guide for guests so they have an idea of how to occupy their time instead of just sitting in a hotel room all day watching cable.

Build a Wedding Website

Before you even start to list exciting things to do and see, set up a wedding website where everyone can access this information easily. This is a place where you can even put links to the events you list or place maps so people can easily find their way around your area. Set up a Frequently Asked Questions page where you answer anything and everything guests might need to know. From where to attend church the morning after your wedding to where to get a great taco, you can list it all. A website is the perfect place for guests to check again and again as they plan out their mini-vacation to see you get married and have a little fun on the side.

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Local Events

Find events for guests to attend. Often these events are posted on city websites, as well as official Facebook pages under the Events section, or on community forums. Springtime often boasts many arts and crafts festivals, summer brings city pool parties, fall is filled with pumpkin-themed activities, and winter often brings holiday festivals and snowy activities to the forefront. There’s always something to do whether it’s a small town or big city wedding. Check towns nearby if you cannot find anything exciting near your wedding venue. People won’t mind traveling for a fun time.

Special Attractions

If you are getting married locally than the local special attractions are probably part of everyday life. You probably don’t go to the famous museum downtown on a daily basis or check out the world’s largest ball of yarn five miles away, but guests will see things like this as a special treat. Your town may have one of the best row of antique shops in the state that you simply take for granted. Your city park may be a beautiful place full of exotic birds and turtles that roam along the pristine ponds. Tell guests about places like this so they can explore on their own. If you are getting married in a big city, they may know about some of these special attractions, but smaller places have hidden gems just waiting to be discovered by your wedding guests.

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Guests may not know where to start when trying to find a place to stay. Check out locations near your wedding venue for special block values. Call these places to see if they will offer you group discounts and a block of rooms. Remember not everyone has the same budget so try to keep pricing at a minimum. You could even check out a very fancy hotel and a less expensive hotel so guests can choose which works best with their own budget. You can also send them links to a fun Airbnb or VRBO so they can choose their own type of accommodations.

The Locals’ Secret Treasures

No one knows a city as well as its locals. They know all of the secret, cool places that you just can’t find on any website. Make a list of the little known, best places in town. Maybe there is a hole in the wall joint with the best burgers you’ve ever had or a store with the best vintage finds in the land. You probably know the best deals for a good brunch topped off with bottomless mimosas. If there is a hiking area or local park that is a must-see where all the locals go for a fun time, tell them about it. The biggest and most popular places for tourists are probably not the hidden gems of the area. The locals know the best eateries and the best places for shopping because they actually live there and probably get tired of all the tourist locations.

Wedding Events

A way to include guests that travel far distances is to tell them about your wedding events leading up to the ceremony. If you have it in the budget or it’s easy to include them, go ahead. All you need to do is send them a rundown of all of your events. If you’re having a brunch or everyone is gathering for drinks after the rehearsal dinner, let them tag along. Include what they should wear for each event and any other special details. You don’t need to include them in the rehearsal or even the rehearsal dinner as these things are usually reserved for the wedding party and family.

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