How to Host a Post-Wedding Brunch

A table of food for a post-wedding brunch.

A post-wedding brunch is the perfect way to bid your guests adieu, cure their hangovers before their flights, and give everyone a chance to rehash what went down at the reception the previous evening. The post-wedding brunch is traditionally hosted by the bride’s parents, but there’s no reason why an aunt, your in-laws, or even the two of you could host the brunch.

Wondering how to tackle this last wedding event? We’ll tell you everything you need to know from where to host the brunch to how to let your guests know the event is happening.

Pick a Location That’s Convenient

Your guests are going to be scattering in a matter of hours—whether it’s by car, train, or plane—so you’ll need to pick a location that’s convenient for them to get to as they check out of their hotels and gather all their suitcases. The best place to host a post-wedding brunch is a location that’s right near the wedding venue, where (presumably) most of your guests are staying. If your venue isn’t booked for that next day, you could also inquire how much it would cost to host an extra brunch for a couple of hours. This could be a cash bonus for them if they don’t typically host a Sunday wedding.

Don’t Host it at the Crack of Dawn

If your wedding reception went on late into the night, you probably don’t want to host a brunch that starts at 8 a.m.—but don’t start it so late that your guests are waiting in their rooms, hungry. It’s best if you’re flexible with the time so that your guests can come and go as their travel schedule suits them. So, for example, choose to host your brunch from 9 to 11 a.m. and let your guests know that they don’t have to get there right at 9 or leave at 11 in order to participate.

Let Your Guests Know Ahead of Time

Because a post-wedding brunch isn’t part of the typical fanfare of a wedding, you can tell your guests about it in any way you like, whether it’s online or through snail mail. Add a section about the brunch on your wedding website and put all of the information they need to know such as time, date and place, and whether or not they need to note any dietary restrictions. You can also send an insert in your paper wedding invitations letting them know all the details of the post-wedding brunch and ask them to RSVP for that as well so that you know exactly how much food there needs to be.

Pick Some Delicious Food Options

A buffet of food for a post-party brunch.

Whether you’re getting the food catered or someone is preparing the food in their own kitchen, brunch is one of the easiest crowd-pleasing meals there is, and there are so many delicious options to choose from. When planning the menu, consider brunch items like mini quiches, breakfast burritos, a breakfast taco bar, fruit salad, mini waffles, muffins, and assorted cheeses. Of course, you’ll also want to offer your guests coffee (they’ll definitely want plenty of that) and maybe even a mimosa or Bloody Mary bar for a little hair of the dog. If your guests have to run quickly to the airport and only have time for a hug goodbye, have some breakfast burritos wrapped to go so they can enjoy them on their Uber ride to the departures lane.

Reuse Your Wedding Decor (But Not all of It)

To squeeze one last use out of your wedding decor, display some of it throughout the post-wedding brunch, such as a couple of centerpieces and a few other strategically placed items. You don’t want to re-use all of it, as that could be a huge pain to drag everything in and out, but the general idea is to have the brunch feel as though it’s every bit a part of the wedding weekend as the rehearsal dinner and the reception. If you had a photo booth or have any instant prints of the reception, be sure to display those and pack them up for guests so they can have a keepsake to take home.

Try to Talk to as Many of Your Guests as Possible

A group of people enjoying a post-wedding brunch.

Receptions are a hectic couple of hours for a newly married couple—guests are swarming to tell them congratulations, and it can often feel like they don’t get quality conversation time with as many people as they would have liked. The post-wedding brunch is a great opportunity to have a casual conversation with anyone you missed or those who you only got to spend a few minutes with. Be sure to thank them for coming, give them a hug, and wish them well on their trip home.

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