How to Know if a Destination Engagement Photo Session Is Right for You

A couple at their destination engagement photo session sitting on a hill at dusk overlooking a cityscape.

Engagement pictures aren’t what they once were when you visited a stuffy little studio and posed like you did on prom night. Nowadays, it’s all about beautiful scenery for the beautiful couple. Engagement pictures set the stage for your wedding. They capture the feeling and memories of this exciting time in your life pre-marriage. A newer trend hitting the wedding world is the idea of destination engagement photos. Instead of heading to your local park for a photo session, you use the opportunity to travel somewhere beautiful and take photos there—all while making memories at the same time. Here’s a few things to think about before you decide if a destination engagement photo session is right for you.

Consider Your Wedding Location

If you’re already having a destination wedding, you might want to scale back on the actual photos and throw every dollar into the actual destination wedding. If you dream of the sand and sun, however, yet want a local wedding, it’s a great excuse to get that dose of sunshine for an engagement photo session. Conversely, if you dream of getting married in Paris but know your wedding entourage can’t afford the crazy trip, take the vacation yourselves and pose for those pictures before the actual big day.

Consider Your Honeymoon Location

If you’re already going somewhere exotic for your honeymoon, don’t double-dip. Taking two of the same type of trip close to the wedding can be a bit boring and won’t take advantage of this opportunity. If you want a destination engagement trip that’s different, go for the different end of the spectrum than your honeymoon. If you’re headed to the Bahamas post-wedding, take pictures on an engagement vacation in the mountains. Take a trip to New York City for fun urban photos if you’re going on a honeymoon in the wine country.

Revisit a Special Place

A young couple sitting on a dock on the lake during their destination engagement photo session.

If you have a special place together that’s out of the ordinary, go for it. If you traveled together to celebrate your second dating anniversary in Mexico or went overseas to Italy in college together, these are great memories to revisit—and add to! You get to pay tribute to these places where you might’ve thought you’d never revisit together as a couple.

Find Peace in the Chaos

Wedding planning can be complete chaos. You may feel stressed to the max, and a massage won’t cut the tension. A destination engagement trip/photo session is the perfect cure for stress. Get away to somewhere you’ve both always wanted to go, and just unplug. It’s a trip that’s just for the two of you. Sure, you have the excuse going to snap some photos and checking it off your to-do list, but in reality you’re going so you don’t have a mental breakdown over who’s sitting at what table. Finding peace in the midst of the wedding chaos is important, so if you need that extra excuse, take it and get some cute pictures at the same time.

You Don’t Have to Travel Far

A couple holding hands in their destination engagement photo session.

A destination engagement session doesn’t mean you have to travel overseas. Find a beautiful vacation spot a few hours away from where you live. Just because you’re contemplating a destination engagement photo session doesn’t mean you have to hop on a plane for 10 hours. Think of what you want in your photos surrounding the two of you, and find it on a map. If you want fields of sunflowers, you can find them in many different areas during the summer. If you want snowy mountains, take a trip in the winter. If you want white sand, book a trip to Florida.

Truthfully, you don’t need a real reason to go on vacation with your new fiancé and take professional photos. Go because you want a vacation and you need pictures. Of course, you would be taking photos anyway—so why not just give them the “engagement” title and have a professional snap them? It’s easy and fun at the same time. This is one of the best times of your life, so don’t feel as if you need a reason to do each and every little thing that takes time away from wedding planning. Have fun with the one you love before you walk down the aisle!

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