How to Plan a Mini-Moon

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Like most couples, you and your partner probably have your own unique reasons for getting excited about your wedding. Maybe you’re excited about the incredible food you’re serving at the reception. Maybe you can’t wait to spend the night dancing to your new favorite band. Maybe you’re just over the moon about sharing the heartfelt vows you’ve written for the love of your life.

But whatever you’re excited about, there’s one other thrill that you share with every other couple out there: the honeymoon. After all, you’ve just spent months (for some, even years) in the midst of some inevitably stressful wedding plans. An opportunity to decompress, to relax with your new spouse, and just revel in your love for one another is exactly what you need after all that planning—in fact, it might be something you need before the big day.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by wedding craziness and need a moment to get away, a mini-moon might be the solution for you.

What Is a Mini-Moon?

Simply put, a mini-moon is a vacation you and your future spouse take just before your wedding day. Like a honeymoon, this is a special time for you both to unwind, reconnect, and get ready to officially start your life together. However, the mini-moon isn’t exactly like a honeymoon. Typically, this trip is on a much smaller scale (hence the “mini” designation) and a little less planning-intensive.

Taking a mini-moon before your wedding is a great way to ensure that you’re relaxed and feeling great on your big day. But if you want to make the most of this little vacation, you have to plan it properly! Here are a few tips to help you have a refreshing and romantic mini-moon.

Keep it Simple

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I’m the first one to suggest a tropical vacation when things get stressful (and one of these days, my husband will actually take me up on that), but even I have to admit that getting to paradise can be… well, stressful. All the planning and navigating the airport certainly won’t help you decompress—which is why you should set it aside for your mini-moon.

Instead of trying to plan some outrageous vacation, keep things simple with a local getaway. Find a charming bed and breakfast, spend a weekend exploring a new part of your state, or simply turn off your phones and enjoy time at home away from everyone else. There are only two rules on a mini-moon: you spend time relaxing, and you spend it with your partner.

Treat Yourself

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You know that amazing upscale date night activity you’ve talked about doing when you can afford it? Your mini-moon is the perfect opportunity to make it happen! You and your sweetheart have likely been under a lot of stress lately (even if you enjoy wedding planning, you have to admit the stress can snowball), and now you deserve to be a little indulgent.

Make sure to plan at least one activity that you wouldn’t otherwise do on your mini-moon. Get a couple’s massage, go out to a fancy dinner, or take a glass-blowing class and make each other a cute little vase! Find something that you both will enjoy and have a great time doing it together.

Really Unplug

Earlier, I mentioned turning off your phones and having a romantic staycation at home. For some of you (likely the introverts out there), this sounded like heaven, but for others, it probably sounds like a special kind of torture. Turn off your phone? With the wedding only a few weeks away?! Clearly, I’ve got to be out of my mind, right?

Actually, no. In fact, I would suggest shutting off your phones whether you stay home or go out! The whole point of your mini-moon is to get a break from the all-consuming nature of your wedding and focus on the reason for this massive party: your partner. If you disconnect from the outside world and take time to really enjoy your future spouse, you’ll feel much happier when the big day finally comes—and you’ll help keep the post-wedding blues away.

One of the hardest things about planning a wedding is the way it can take over your life. It’s only natural that this happens; weddings are often a giant undertaking, and one that carries great emotional importance. But at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that it’s just a party, just one great day in a long list of great days you’ll share with you spouse. A mini-moon gives you the chance to break away from the wedding and have a few more of those great, memorable days. So if you’re feeling like wedding planning is becoming too much, or even if you just want some time alone with your partner, consider planning your low-key mini-moon right away. It will definitely be worth it.

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