How to Shop Black Friday Sales for Your Wedding

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You’ve got a list, and you’re checking it twice—but it isn’t for Christmas! When planning a wedding on a budget, there are many ways to save some money by shopping Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday sales. Here are just some of the kinds of retailers that you can bookmark (or camp out at!) in order to purchase things you might need for your wedding, whether it’s weeks or months away. You’ll be amazed at the savings.

Stationery and Custom Printing

Save-the-dates, invitations, and thank you notes can all put a sizable dent in your wedding budget. If you can find a good online coupon for some custom printing or buy some beautiful sale-priced paper at a stationery or craft store, you can take some serious money off the tab. Sign up for online newsletters with different custom printing outfits that you might want to use and on Black Friday, check their best deals for something that fits what you actually need. Don’t be afraid to print invitations at home if you can get a great deal on beautiful printable paper.

Craft Stores

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For brides who want to use some DIY skills, it’s smart to buy high quality decor and craft supplies with coupons and sales like Black Friday. Make a comprehensive shopping list for how much ribbon, paper, silk florals, or other supplies you might need. Wander a craft store or two on a shopping day that isn’t busy to get an idea of all the things this kind of store can help you with, so that you don’t just purchase something beautiful on impulse during the craziest shopping day of the year. Think outside the box as well, and consider purchases like plain wooden crates, a photo album, or frames. Many craft stores have two types of sales on Black Friday: a small discount, such as 20 percent, on a total purchase and a deep discount, like 50 percent, on a single item. Strategize with a bridesmaid or friend for how you can maximize your Black Friday savings at the craft store with multiple purchases.

Disposable Cutlery, Plates, Cups, and Table Linens

If your reception won’t involve rentals, you’ll probably be buying some jumbo packs of disposable cutlery, plates, paper tableclothes, cups, and napkins. Look around for the pattern and style you like, and try to make sure you have a few stores in mind that might have Black Friday sales. Big box stores and clubs often have surprisingly nice looks for disposables, and you can get a bulk discount by buying an enormous pack. It may seem like a small part of your expenses, but every extra dollar can be put toward the honeymoon or your beautiful dress!

Wedding Dress Shops

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Wedding dress shops often have deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Get a good look at your local shops a few days or weeks before Black Friday to create a wish list for what’s available. If you know that a variety of styles would suit you, you can track what is on sale at each potential shop, either snapping up an online deal when you see it or taking a coupon or two into the store itself to place your order. This is a great time to purchase your bridesmaids dresses as well. Bridesmaids all love a deal on a dress that won’t get a lot of later use, and if you can settle on a dress ahead of time at a store that will be running some across-the-board sales, all the better!

Local Shops for Favors

Many couples choose a wedding favor that reflects a local food or drink, or just something that is meaningful to them where they live or are having the wedding. Black Friday or Small Business Saturday are great times to shop small gift stores or online shops that are running particularly good deals. If they don’t have quite enough in stock, don’t worry; talk through how much it would cost to get the amount of favors you need, and see if the bulk order can get you a further or better discount since the sale is great business for them.

If your wedding includes any kind of physical object needs, it’s worth writing down a few options for places to shop and see if these items are on sale. It doesn’t hurt to give venues, florists, or caterers a call on Black Friday, but their business often is consistent enough that they don’t have to offer a particular discount (especially since their services generally aren’t wrapped up in a gift box for the holidays). That being said, Black Friday can be a great excuse to start checking items off your list and getting anything non-perishable set up for the wedding to come. You’ll feel better for having done it early, and your wallet will thank you as the big day approaches.

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